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Garden Clearance and Waste Removal London


Our garden clearance and garden tidy up service is fast, efficient and great value for money.  We offer a full garden clearance service including removal of garden and building waste. We offer shed disassembly and garden structure removal.  We are also licensed for Asbestos removal and Asbestos disposal and are able to remove and dispose of other hazardous materials.

Short notice garden clearance and waste removal in London

If you require a garden tidy up on an infrequent basis service is ideal for you.  This includes: lawn mowing, pruning, hedge cutting, weeding and soil turnover.  We will also take care of all the waste disposal.  We offer competitive rates and can arrange garden clearances at short notice. Call us today for a fast, efficient value for money garden clearance service in London.

Garden clearance and Asbestos removal and disposal in London and the M25

Our garden clearance and tidy up service is available throughout London and the M25.  We cover all the London postcode areas, as well as Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Essex, Middlesex and Cambridgeshire. If we are working on your garden, all waste from our work, will be cleared away as part of the job. Sometimes when we are removing old or dissused garden structures, we occasionally come across Asbestos which has been used in the construction of old sheds and out houses. In these instances please call us immediatly. Acacia Gardens are fully equipped to deal with the safe removal and disposal of Asbestos and Asbestos products.

Important: If you discover old Asbestos in your garden, please do not be tempted to remove or dispose of it yourself. If damaged it can be lethal.