School Grounds Maintenance London

As a London based gardening company, we are very aware of how important it is for children in built up areas to be able to be experience nature, and enjoy green spaces at school.  Acacia Gardens has devised a specific school grounds maintenance package which we can tailor to suit your requirements.

We know that many independent schools need their grounds and sports facilities to reflect positively on the image of the school.  For many parents the visual impression the school grounds create will be a deciding factor as to their final choice of school.

Acacia Gardens enjoy working closely with school bursars and understand the level of service and quality required, we offer a flexible, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing school grounds maintenance program.

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School grounds maintenance planning

Our maintenance plans range from full grounds maintenance to giving sound practical advice on how to adopt cost saving measures and improve existing arrangements.  We are experienced in building child friendly gardens and play spaces, using a range of modern materials to minimise the risk of injury from falls.

School grounds maintenance for all seasons

With the extremes of weather we have experienced in the UK over the last few years, many school grounds are looking under par and in need of some much needed attention.  We can help prepare school grounds for specific term time activities allowing grassed areas to be used, year round for activities. To keep your school grounds in great condition we will help you plan six months in advance and can advise on prioritising between essential works and long standing issues for your grounds.

We are also happy to consult on the purchase of equipment and materials for school grounds maintenance projects. We have worked for Greig City Academy and many other schools, please call us on: 020 8800 3866 if you require any more details.

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