Aluminium Louvered Pergola Installation London

Helping you enjoy outdoor living all year round

Acacia Gardens is thrilled to be installers for Caribbean Blinds UK’s distinguished Aluminium Louvered Pergolas. Enhance your outdoor experience with optional windproof screens, protecting against the elements and offering a respite from glaring sunlight. Our expertise spans the installation of both Classic Outdoor and Deluxe Living Pods, serving customers across North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London, Greater London, and Hertfordshire. If you’re interested in pergolas, sun shades or external shading, please reach out for a preliminary phone discussion. Following this, we can schedule an on-site visit for a fee of £100 + VAT. We offer Aluminium Louvered Pergola Installation as part of our garden design and build service or as a standalone project.

Caribbean Blinds Classic Outdoor Living Pod™

The Caribbean Blinds Classic Outdoor Living Pod™ is the UK’s Preferred Aluminium Louvered Pergola, providing a stylish shade solution for your garden. The sleek design of the Classic Outdoor Living positions it as a top choice for patios or gardens. Featuring double-walled aluminium louvres that seamlessly merge to create a watertight roof when shut, these louvres can be rotated up to 150 degrees. This flexibility lets you control the light and shade underneath while offering efficient heat ventilation. Key features include:

Adaptive, waterproof rotating louvres

Dimensions up to 5.95m in length x 4.5m in width

Stylish Anthracite Grey metal finish

Convenient motorised control via remote or app

Option for wind-resistant side screens

Optional additions include LED lighting andinfra-red heating

Available as standalone or adjoining units

Built to withstand winds of up to 78mph (Beaufort 12)

5-year guarantee

Caribbean Blinds Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod™

The Caribbean Blinds Deluxe Outdoor Living Pod™ stands out for its adaptability and finesse. Whether you want it freestanding, adjoined to your property, or integrated into an existing structure, this pod is a chameleon fitting into varied outdoor settings. Its unique feature is the modular design that effortlessly links together, making it suitable for all outdoor dimensions. It boasts 21cm wide roof louvres and offers a generous rotation of up to 150 degrees. You’re in control – adjust the louvres for optimal sunlight or shade. And in case of unexpected rain? Close them for a complete watertight shelter. Enhanced by the option of dimmable LED lighting and low-glare infrared heaters, the atmosphere remains cosy throughout the year. Key features include:

Adaptive, waterproof rotating louvres

Dimensions up to 7m in length x 4.5m in width (extendable with linking)

Vast range of hardware colours for personalisation

User-friendly motorised control through remote or app

Optional integrated windproof side screens

Optional ambient LED lighting and infra-red heating

Module flexibility with freestanding, lean-to, or roof-only options

Sturdily built to resist winds up to 78mph (Beaufort 12)

5-year guarantee

Aluminium Louvered Pergola Installation Benefits

Caribbean Blinds’ signature Louvred Pergolas enhance outdoor spaces for year-round enjoyment, regardless of the weather. With innovative aluminium roofs that adjust with a button press, you can easily transition between sunlight, shade, or shelter. Enhancements like windproof side screens, LED lighting, and instant infrared heating ensure comfort in any condition. Whether near the property, by a pool, hot tub, or an outdoor kitchen, their design allows for expansion and adaptation to any space. These versatile terrace canopies help you enjoy outdoor living in your garden all year round through simple adjustments:

Sun: Tilt the louvres sunward to allow maximum light under the structure.

Shade: Angle the louvres away from the sun to provide cool shade underneath.

Ventilation: Position the louvres vertically for the best airflow and heat dispersion below.

Shelter Seal: The louvres ensure complete protection from rain and snow underneath

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