Residential Urban Garden Design Company

Residential urban garden design in London is a large part of the work Acacia Gardens undertakes. Being a London based garden design and landscaping company, we work with many clients across the capital to create beautiful urban gardens. We carry out residential urban garden design for small gardens right through to large gardens. Urban garden designs often need to take into consideration poor soil conditions, so container planting is often a priority. Privacy and security are other important factors. With space at a premium, maximising the plot is a must for London homeowners which we can help you with.
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Small Urban Garden Design

London homeowners looking for small urban garden designs often request a lot of features packed into a small plot of land. This is understandable and we are very experienced at designing gardens for small spaces. Before we begin the design process for a small urban garden, we will visit the site to take measurements, assess the soil conditions and access to the garden. Our team will discuss your budget, timings, garden usage, and design elements.

Small urban garden design features can include elements such as:

  • Ground cover: Decking (wooden or composite), paving or artificial grass
  • Seats: A built-in seating area can save space in the garden
  • Entertaining guests: Consider a built-in barbecue
  • Container plants: Plants in pots or purpose-built containers are a great way to ensure plants are easy to look after
  • Shade and privacy: With urban gardens being close to neighbours, privacy is a key consideration for a garden which can also be utilised to provide shade
  • Watering: An outside tap and plant irrigation can make taking care of your garden easy
  • Security: Urban gardens should take security into consideration which can be incorporated into perimeter fencing or you can include sensor lighting
  • Design: Urban garden designs are often contemporary; we can recommend design themes in keeping with the period of your property or your home interior
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Large Urban Garden Design

Not all urban gardens are small, some homeowners are lucky to have a large plot of ground. Security and privacy are two main factors to take into account when designing for a large urban garden. With houses built so close together, it is important to be able to enjoy your outside space without feeling that you are on view to your neighbours. Key garden features to consider are:

  • Security: Perimeter fencing or wall, a secure gate and sensor lighting are important
  • Privacy: Planting can be used to create private and secluded areas in the garden as can garden structures
  • Design interest: With a large garden plot, creating interest and focal points is a must. These design elements can include raised platforms, winding paths, architectural planting, a water feature and defined zones for dining, relaxing, etc
  • Entertaining guests: If you have a large garden, entertainment is often at the heart of the design. This usually includes a barbecue area, an outside bar and patio dining area
  • Lighting and heating: To maximise garden use throughout the evening and seasons, lighting and heating should be incorporated into the garden design

Residential Urban Garden Design London Locations

Acacia Gardens is a London garden design and landscaping business operating throughout the capital. We are based in North London where the majority of our work is undertaken. We have completed many urban garden design projects in Finsbury Park, Stoke Newington, Muswell Hill, Alexandra Palace, Wood Green, Winchmore Hill and further afield.