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Acacia Gardens specialises in residential urban garden design throughout North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire. As a London-centric garden design and build company, we collaborate with numerous clients across the city to create stunning urban oases. Our expertise spans from designing intimate gardens to expansive green spaces. Given the challenges of urban soil quality, we often emphasise container planting. Ensuring privacy, security and optimal use of available space are also pivotal in our designs, catering to the unique needs of homeowners.

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Urban Garden Design For Compact Plots

London homeowners seeking designs for compact urban gardens often want multiple features in limited spaces. Acacia Gardens excels in such designs, and we start by visiting the site for measurements and soil assessments. Key elements for small urban gardens include efficient ground cover options like decking or paving, space-saving built-in seating, features for entertaining like built-in barbecues, containerised plants for ease of care, and considerations for shade, privacy and security. Watering solutions and security enhancements, such as sensor lighting, optimise the space. While urban garden styles lean towards contemporary, we can tailor designs to match your property’s era or interior aesthetics.

Urban Garden Design For Large Plots

For urban homeowners blessed with spacious gardens, ensuring privacy and security is paramount, given the proximity of neighbouring houses. Essential features for extensive urban gardens include sturdy perimeter fencing or walls, secure gates and sensor lighting for security. Plantings and garden structures can be strategically placed to enhance privacy. Large plots benefit from design elements that add interest, such as raised platforms, meandering paths, architectural plants, water features and distinct areas for various activities like dining or relaxing. Entertainment often takes centre stage in expansive gardens, with amenities like barbecue zones, outdoor bars and patio dining. Additionally, integrating lighting and heating extends garden enjoyment across different times and seasons.

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