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Bringing Your Garden To Life Through Beautiful Planting

Acacia Gardens offers a specialised planting design service tailored for residential London clients. When embarking on a garden design and build project, it’s crucial to emphasise the importance of the planting scheme, and we believe that plant-focused gardens always look spectacular. The expertise of a professional planting designer can elevate the aesthetic appeal of the entire landscaping project. Our team curates planting plans with your preferred garden style and desired colour palette in mind. They also consider soil quality, garden orientation, seasonal shifts and other critical factors. Our designs encompass borders, raised beds, rockeries and container plants. We strongly advocate for integrating a planting design within our comprehensive garden design and build package. We can create a dedicated plant design for those with expansive gardens to suit your needs.

Benefits Of Hiring A Planting Designer

Hiring a professional planting designer offers many advantages, especially for London, Greater London and Hertfordshire homeowners. Beyond mere aesthetics, a planting designer’s proficiency lies in their nuanced understanding of regional flora and the unique conditions of the locale, ensuring that the plants selected are attractive, resilient and appropriate for the environment. Our forte tailors these designs to a homeowner’s preferences, whether crafting a haven for avid gardeners, a contemporary space requiring minimal upkeep, or an environmentally friendly oasis. By entrusting your garden to a planting designer, you invest in its appearance and ensure its vitality and appeal throughout the changing seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions About Planting Designers

A planting design or planting plan provides detailed information about the plants recommended for your garden or grounds. It can either be a drawing, a written document or both. It shows which plants go where.

A plant-focused garden design, also known as a plant-centric or plant-driven design, strongly emphasises plant selection, arrangement, and prominence within the garden space. In a plant-focused garden, plants are not merely decorative elements but integral components that drive the overall design aesthetic and function of the garden.

A planting designer will assess the garden or grounds. They will use their horticultural knowledge to create a design for the planting. It can include borders, rockery, patio plants, and any planting required. The planting designer will consider the overall garden style, the colour scheme, soil condition and garden aspect. The client’s specifications, such as wanting a low-maintenance garden or all-year interest, will also be considered.

You don’t need a planting designer if you have planting knowledge or are a keen gardener. If you have a small garden or you want only a few plants, then no, you don’t need one. We recommend paying for a plant design if you invest money in a garden design and build a project over £30,000. It will save you time and money. If you buy the wrong plants for the soil or position, they will not survive. If you want plants to give you all year-round interest, planning is essential. Plants can be expensive, so it is imperative to get them right from the beginning.

If we undertake a planting design project, we can do the planting (subject to availability). If you need a plan and no planting, we will consider the project based on what we’re available and what we’re doing.

Acacia Gardens is a London garden design and build company. Our head office is in North London. Many of our planting design projects occur in North London and the surrounding areas. We generally travel to North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire. However, it depends upon the size of the project and our availability.

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