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Acacia Gardens provides a planting design service for commercial and residential clients. If you invest in commercial landscaping or a garden design and build project, it is essential to pay particular attention to the planting aspect. A professional planting design can make all the difference to the overall aesthetics of the landscaping project. We can compose a planting design that considers your garden style, colour scheme, soil condition, garden aspect, seasonal variation and other vital elements. It includes borders, raised beds, rockery and potted plants. We recommend a planting design as part of our garden design and build package. If you have a large garden or commercial grounds, we can also produce a design for your plants.

Commercial and Residential Planting Designers London

We are planting designers for London clients. Our customers include homeowners, landlords, offices, schools and other commercial businesses. Hiring a professional planting designer can save you time and money. Our extensive knowledge of plants that thrive in London weather conditions and soil is invaluable. We create bespoke planting designs based on your priorities and requirements. Whether you want to potter around in the garden or take a low maintenance approach, we can help. Environmentally friendly and organic planting is becoming popular, which we can design for you. As planting designers, we can ensure your garden or grounds look spectacular all year round.

Planting Designers London FAQs

A planting design or planting plan provides detailed information about the plants recommended for your garden or grounds. It can either be a drawing, a written document or both. It shows which plants go where.

A planting designer will assess the garden or grounds. They will use their horticultural knowledge to create a design for the planting. It can include borders, rockery, patio plants, and any planting required. The planting designer will consider the overall garden style, the colour scheme, soil condition and garden aspect. The client’s individual specifications will also be considered such as wanting a low maintenance garden or all year interest.

If you have planting knowledge or are a keen gardener, you probably don’t need a planting designer. If you have a small garden or you don’t want many plants, then no, you don’t need one. If you invest money in a garden design and build project over £10,000, we recommend paying for a plant design. It will save you time and money. If you buy the wrong plants for the soil or position, they will not survive. If you want plants to give you all year-round interest, it is important to plan in advance. Plants can be expensive so getting it right from the beginning is imperative.

If we undertake a planting design project we can do the planting (subject to availability). If you require a plan and no planting we are happy to consider the project based on our availability and the size of the job.

Acacia Gardens is a London garden design and build company. Our head office is in North London. Many of our planting design projects take place in North London and the surrounding areas. We can travel throughout London and Greater London for larger projects.

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