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Garden Driveway Ideas London

If you’re looking for garden driveway ideas, this page has been created to provide helpful information about this subject. Acacia Gardens is a garden design and build company; we install driveways as part of our larger garden construction projects in London and Hertfordshire. These garden driveway ideas include tips on choosing the right design, shape, size and materials. Whether considering natural stone block paving, concrete paving, a brick effect or a gravel driveway, you’ll find something ideally suited to your requirements. We have gathered our favourite pictures of driveways to inspire you. Click on the tabs below to find out more.

Helpful Residential Driveway Guide

Description: Natural stone paving and block paving come in a range of materials, including sandstone, limestone, granite, marble, and slate.

Suits: Paved driveways suit all properties because they offer a wide variety of colours, sizes, materials, and the scope to create minimal to intricate patterns. You can create a traditional or contemporary design. For traditional or rustic styles, opt for natural colours with a textured surface or cobbles. A smooth finish and grey colours would be more suited to contemporary properties.

Pros: Natural stone paving comes in various materials in different colours, from natural to brown, blue, green, red, grey and black. The stone can be cut in multiple sizes, including round, rectangle, square and even hexagonal. You also have the scope to be creative with patterns such as herringbone, basketweave, fans, circular, running bond and more. The natural stone can be finished smooth or left with a rustic texture. A paved driveway can give your house first-class kerb appeal; the materials are long-lasting and stylish.

Cons: The materials can be expensive, and the fitting can be time-consuming. If your ground needs to be levelled appropriately and the stones correctly laid, you can have problems with drainage and weeds which is why it’s essential to consult an expert with relevant experience.


Natural Stone Driveway

Description: Concrete blocks and paving are popular because the material can be cost-effective. Don’t just think it has to be grey and dull either because it can be stamped with a texture or pattern and comes in various colours.

Suits: Concrete driveways can complement most properties due to the variety of options. Contemporary properties are perhaps the best suited, as is minimal eighties, sixties, and seventies architecture. If you have a period property, choose concrete paving and blocks with the appearance of natural stone.

Pros: Concrete can be cost-effective, mainly because maintenance is minimal. The wide range of options in textures and colours also makes it easy to find a suitable design you like. Concrete can look like natural stone paving but at a fraction of the price; for example, you can buy cobbles made from concrete.

Cons: As with any paving, it should be professionally laid to avoid weeds growing and must be level.


Contemporary Paved Driveway with Concrete Slabs and Cobbles

Description: Bricks or blocks that appear to be bricks are often used for driveways. Other names for these are clay pavers, driveway blocks, and block paving. They can be made from several materials, including clay, concrete, and reconstituted stone.

Suits: The brick effect suits traditional properties. However, if you opt for grey, it would also complement contemporary architecture.

Pros: Brick-effect driveways can give your property a luxurious appearance. The brick shape lends itself to creating exciting patterns such as herringbone. The colour options can range from natural to red and dark grey.

Cons: It is time-consuming to lay, so it could be expensive if you have a large driveway.


Brick Effect Driveway

Description: A gravel driveway is created using gravel, a loose aggregation of small stones worn by water. The gravel can come in various sizes and colours. To install a gravel driveway, you need to first ensure the ground is flattened and properly covered to stop weeds from coming through. The gravel is then spread on top.

Suits: This material suits a period or traditional home, from cottages to mock Tudor and Victorian properties.

Pros: Gravel has a pleasant appearance. Some people like the sound of gravel when you drive over it. It can be a cost-effective way of covering a wide space, but only if you take steps to keep the weeds under control from the beginning. Preparation is paramount with a gravel driveway.

Cons: If the preparation is not carried out correctly, weeds may grow. You will see grooves in the car tiers if the gravel is too deep. The gravel is noisy, which some people find annoying. You might need to sweep stray gravel from pathways, and some may become tread inside the home. If you are a fan of wearing high heels, you will find this surface challenging to walk on.


Period Property Gravel Driveway

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Considerations For Garden Driveway Ideas

With street parking challenging to find, having a driveway has multiple benefits. A professionally installed garden driveway will undoubtedly increase your property’s kerb appeal. Here are some considerations for driveways:

You’ll need to choose the right driveway materials that enhance your property.

It is also essential that the material and design match the period of the architecture.

Be aware of any future maintenance the driveway materials may incur to ensure you make the right decision.

Consider water drainage, which is extremely important. It’s wise to consult an expert and ask about permeable material options.

If you have a professionally installed driveway, it can last for years and make your property extremely attractive to visitors and future buyers.

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Garden Driveway Inspiration

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