Ten Large Garden Design Ideas for London Gardens

Our Ten Large Garden Design Ideas for London Gardens are great for homeowners living in the city. If you have a large garden, a professional garden designer can help you maximise this space. The bigger the plot means you have much more potential to explore different garden design styles and planting schemes. An outdoor kitchen and a summer house could also be part of your wish list. Here are Ten Large Garden Design Ideas for London Gardens from Acacia Gardens:

  1. Large garden designs: A large garden can benefit from professional garden design. This will take into account your vista (views), the direction your garden is facing and the period of your property. You can be more creative with a bigger plot of land by mixing garden styles, try out different types of planting and zoning the land for your favourite activities.
  2. Be creative with the planting: With a big garden, you can be more creative and imaginative with the planting. Dedicate a portion for growing vegetables and herbs. A wildflower meadow would help attract bees and is a brilliant way to keep garden maintenance to a minimum. Shrubs and focal trees are perfect for adding interest and variation.
  3. Maximise the vista: If you are lucky, you will have a wonderful view from your garden. This vista should be enhanced so that you can enjoy the scenery or a landmark building. A raised platform and a seating arrangement facing in the right direction can help you admire that view.
  4. Take yourself on a journey: A big garden can take you on a journey, this could be a winding path leading you down the lawn and through a vegetable plot and onto a wild meadow. Paths are therefore an important part of guiding you through a large plot of land.
  5. Entertain your friends and family: Entertainment should be a key part of a large back garden. This should be located near the house and the kitchen door if possible. A decked or paved seating area with a large table and a cover over head would be fabulous.
  6. Install an outdoor kitchen: You could also include an outdoor kitchen area with a built-in barbecue, grill, sink and a pizza oven if you’re feeling extravagant.
  7. Relax with a water feature: A pretty pond or a contemporary waterfall feature can enhance a garden and make it feel tranquil and relaxing.
  8. Include a garden room: With a big garden, you could add a summer house, an outside office pod a large shed or greenhouse.
  9. Use garden lighting to enhance design features: Lighting is essential for a large outside space. You can illuminate key features such as mature trees, water features or decking steps. Sensor lights are a great way to add a layer of security against intruders.
  10. Feel secure and safe: Security is vital, so a sturdy boundary wall or fence is a must. A strong gate with a secure lock is also a priority. Walls and garden fences can look attractive and become part of the overall garden design so make sure you add this into your overall garden design cost considerations.
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Ten Large Garden Design Ideas Image
10 Large Garden Design Ideas Image

Make Your Large Garden Design Ideas A Reality

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