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Bohemian Garden Styles

Bohemian garden styles are the ultimate choice for homeowners wanting a laid-back, relaxed and unconventional garden. Since the popularity of boho interiors, continuing this style outside is a logical extension. Boho garden designs go with the flow avoiding clean lines instead opting for winding paths and curvy plant borders. Natural and rustic construction and furniture materials in a warm colour palette add to the overall charm. Comfort and cosiness are a must with plump sofas and hammocks. Adding layers of cushions, throws, and outdoor rugs help achieve an eclectic look. Lush planting and evening lighting are the final touches to creating your dreamy boho garden. The in-house design team at Acacia Gardens has created a list of ten bohemian features that you’ll want to include.

10 Bohemian Garden Design Features

  1. Being relaxed and informal without clean lines
  2. Going with the flow of the garden with winding paths
  3. Selecting natural materials with a rustic appearance
  4. Working with a palette of cream, yellow, brown, rust and black
  5. Creating a sofa sanctuary area with an overhead canopy
  6. Laying a distressed-looking deck terrace
  7. Adding a statement rattan peacock chair and hammock
  8. Layering textiles, including cushions and outdoor rugs
  9. Creating a mood with festoon lighting
  10. Planting pampas grass, monstera and ferns
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Bohemian Garden Styles and Design

A bohemian or boho garden is a relaxed and cosy style that extends the boho interior trend. Keep the design laid-back with winding paths and curved borders rather than straight lines. The central focus is a decked area which you can create from composite decking for longevity. Adding a comfortable sofa, an iconic peacock chair, and a hammock looks amazing. You can layer your outdoor lounge area with Berber-style cushions, throws and outdoor rugs.

Any property looks lovely with this garden style, whether contemporary or classic.

Materials with a distressed appearance work well, such as composite decking for a terrace. Natural stone is another option. Railway sleeper-raised planters are an excellent idea for growing veggies. Rattan and bamboo furniture are very boho.

An earthy colour palette such as yellows, browns and oranges is a great choice. If you prefer something more striking, try a cream with black

Lush or dramatic plants are the way to go. Keep colours to a minimum, such as greens with pops of orange or yellow. Try ferns, bamboos and pampas grass.

How Acacia Gardens Can Help
With Your Bohemian Garden Design

Our in-house team can create custom designs for a beautiful bohemian garden. After actively listening to your brief, we can produce 3D plans and a 3D video, giving you a realistic idea of how your garden could look. If you’re wowed by what you see, our complete garden design and build package are cost-effective and hassle-free. You could be relaxing in your boho backyard and entertaining your family sooner than you think. Contact Acacia Gardens today to discuss your bespoke requirements.

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