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Garden Patio Ideas London

If you need some garden patio ideas, this page has been created to provide helpful information and suggestions. Acacia Gardens is a garden design and build company working throughout London and Hertfordshire. We design and install garden patios as part of larger landscaping projects. To help clients decide which garden terrace is suitable, we’ve collated our favourite photographs to inspire you. These garden patio ideas include information on choosing the right design, shape, size and materials. Click on the tabs below to find out more.

Helpful Garden Patio Guide

A patio is a paved outdoor area that usually adjoins the house.

The most popular uses of a patio are dining, socialising, and entertainment, but it can also be used as a kid’s play area, sunbathing spot, or place to display plants. Before deciding upon the type of patio you would like installed, it is essential to determine how you would use this space.

Dining Area: If you’re a fan of eating breakfast on the patio or inviting friends around for a barbecue, then entertainment will be at the top of your list. Placing a patio close to a kitchen door is ideal. Check you have enough space to fit a dining table and chairs with room to move around quickly. Consider overhead coverage, whether an awning, a wooden structure, or a fabric sunshade.

Kids Play Area: If your children will use this area, it is advisable to place the patio where you have a good view. One flat level is advisable, and be mindful of any steps that could cause an accident. Overhead coverage should be considered to protect the children on a hot summer’s day.

Sunbathing Area: Patios work well adjacent to the house. However, to enjoy the evening sun, you might consider placing your patio in another location. You can always have more than one patio to give you options.

Plant Growing Area: Many people like to grow potted herbs or container plants on their patios. Before you buy the plants, please let us know if your patio will be sunny or shady.


Entertaining and Relaxing on the Patio

Patios come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. The choice depends on your design preferences and budget.

Small Gardens: Customers often like to turn the entire space into a patio for small backyards. This cuts down on maintenance time. You can also have seating built into the design and a barbecue section.

Large Gardens: Large gardens can accommodate two patios. One next to the house for entertainment and alfresco dining. A second patio can be placed at the end of the garden or where you receive evening sunlight. This would give you a nice quiet spot to sit in a deckchair with a glass of wine and a good book.

Shapes: Patio shapes can be as imaginative as you want them to be. Contemporary designs feature clean, sharp lines. Mediterranean and rustic styles could be round, while cottage styles might be curved. The patio paving slabs are cut in various shapes and sizes, ranging from squares to oblongs and sets to create circles. You can also have slabs cut to size to make a bespoke patio shape.

Patterns: You can create patterns with the stones from random, to crazy paving styles, intricate circles and even herringbone.


Creative Patio Shapes

Patio materials vary widely. The most popular is paving slabs. However, you can also consider decked patios, which are less expensive.

Natural Paving Materials: You have natural paving products at the luxury end of the spectrum. These include Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Marble and Slate, which vary in texture and colour. The price depends on the country of origin and the availability. It is best to have an idea of the appearance, shape and colour of the patio slabs you want and then select a material that gives you the look you’re after. Natural paving materials can be expensive and may need repairs or specialist cleaning to keep them in pristine condition.

Concrete Paving Materials: Concrete paving is a more cost-effective solution for a patio. It often suits those wanting a contemporary style, especially if you opt for a smooth surface finish. For texture, you can choose a stamped surface instead. Concrete paving can also come in various colours, shapes, and sizes. This very durable material is easy to lay and will last a long time.

Decking Materials: Decking is another option for a patio. Hardwood is the most expensive, but softwood is. Cheaper. You can also consider composite materials. For more information, visit our Garden Decking Ideas page.

Gravel and Mulch Materials: If you have a minimal budget, you can always choose to use low-cost materials such as gravel or mulch. These give you an organic and rustic feel. This type of patio is ideal for a starter home or a rented property. If you want to add value, use natural or concrete paving or decking.


Natural Stone Patio

When deciding upon your patio design, consider additional fittings such as edging, borders, steps, a built-in barbecue area, overhead cover and lighting.

Edging and Borders: Most paving slabs come with complementary edging and borders. These give the edges of your patio surface a clean finish and clear separation between your planting area. With a wide selection, you can usually find contemporary edging through to Victorian styles.

Steps: Raised patio areas may require steps to another level; these can be made from the same material as the patio.

Barbecue: You might like a barbecue built into the patio design or an area dedicated to your barbecue.

Shade: If you use your patio for alfresco dining, you should consider adding a permanent or temporary overhead cover. This could be a pergola, awning, or fabric sunshade.

Lights: External lighting to enhance your patio area is vital if you are going to enjoy an evening meal on the terrace.


Barbecue Area on the Patio

Blending your patio into the landscape should also be considered.

Planting: You can use planting to soften the edges of a patio. Or perhaps you want your lawn to grow right next to it. Patios can look bare, so an option is to introduce some small trees, herbs, or flowers in container pots.

Hard Materials: You might want to incorporate hard materials like gravel or wood decking next to a stone patio for an easy life. Mix these materials to give your design interest and perhaps different levels.


Patio Landscaping

Garden Patio Benefits

A garden patio has multiple benefits:

It will not only increase the desirability of your garden but also make it a place for your entire family to enjoy.

With space to dine in the sun or sip a glass of wine in the evening with friends, you can appreciate your outside space.

If you have your patio professionally installed it can add value to your property and enhance your chances of selling in the future.


Garden Patio Inspiration

 Please have a look at our Pinterest boards for garden inspiration. These pictures are not all owned by Acacia Gardens and show the work of other companies. They are images either from the Pinterest community or discovered online. You can click on each image to locate the source.
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