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Acacia Gardens is a highly regarded Garden Design and Build Company in London. We have over twenty years of experience in the residential garden design and build sector. Our fully qualified team can cover your entire garden design and build requirements in-house. Please note that our garden design and build projects start at £10,000.

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Garden Design and Build Projects London

Acacia Gardens has undertaken residential garden design and build projects throughout London. Our headquarters are in North London, with many of our garden design and landscaping jobs taking place within this vicinity.

Our Garden Design and Build Process

We like to keep things simple


Consultation + Site Visit
+ Price

We ask you to complete a questionnaire and send us photos of your garden. First, we’ll arrange a 15-minute telephone consultation. Next is a site visit to assess the plot, measure and photograph. We charge £100+ VAT for this visit (refunded if you proceed).


Site Survey
+ Analysis

On acceptance of the proposal, Acacia Gardens will undertake a thorough site survey and analysis. We will review and assess the existing features, vegetation, ground levels, soil condition, garden orientation, sunlight and exact garden measurements.


Concept Design
+ Mood Boards

We will create a first draft concept design that we support with mood boards showing plant styles and hard landscape materials. It is a discussion document that allows us to present our ideas and talk through any changes you may wish to make.


Master plan
+ Planting Design

We will fine-tune the sketch to become the final master plan with an option for a 3D version (additional charge). A planting design will be provided if relevant, detailing existing and new plants, sizes and quantities. You approve the final plans and budget.



We love stage 5 because your ideas and our plans come to life. Then, the design goes to our in-house landscaping team to build the garden. The design team, landscaping department and site manager will work together to build your dream garden.

Garden Aftercare Packages Available

We’d love to continue our working relationship after your garden project has been completed. Acacia Gardens provides an aftercare package to ensure that your Garden always looks glorious. Our annual garden aftercare service to take care of your planting and lawn. Prices start from £200 plus VAT per visit.

“We provide our clients with a complete garden design and build package. It keeps the process simple and cost-effective to ensure your dream garden is attainable and affordable.”

Herman Pobrati, Managing Director

Complete Service

Acacia Gardens can cover the entire garden design, build and maintenance. That means you don’t need to deal with different companies or individuals. It makes your life easier and ensures your garden looks just as beautiful as when we finished the build.

Save Time and Money 

By choosing our design and build service, you will have a first-class plan with the input of a team of designers and landscapers. It means we are very likely to work within your budget. Our garden designer will have a conversation with our landscapes from the early stages to understand how much the construction will cost. Ultimately, you save money.

In-house Knowledge and Experience

Working as a team on your garden design and build project, we suggest the best options. It includes planting schemes that work well with the design. In addition, we will recommend the best construction materials for the hard landscaping, from paving to decking. 

First-Class Results

Having all our service in-house means better project monitoring from our designers, project manager and landscapers on site. It means better communication, lower costs on project monitoring and first-class results. Prices are lower as our garden designer works in-house and is updated daily by the rest of the team. 


Garden Design and Build FAQs

A garden design has the necessary creative experience and horticultural knowledge to plan your garden. They take into account the client’s brief and the budget. Other factors include the position of your garden, the soil, elevation, etc. Who will use the garden and what they want to do in the park are other considerations. Client’s are then given a garden design in the form of a sketch, mood boards, or 3D visualisation.

If you have a small plot and you know what you want to achieve, you probably don’t need to hire a garden designer. For instance, perhaps you and you have a tight budget and would like minor improvements (general repairs, a small patio, decking or fencing). Landscaping companies would usually take on a project if it is over a certain amount of money. However, if you have a garden that requires a lot of work or looking for a complete transformation, a garden designer is a good idea. A well thought out garden design can add value to your home. It will ensure that your garden potential is maximised and enjoyed. When hiring a professional garden designer, you are buying their years of experience. For example, they know the best way to construct patios and decking and the most suitable materials. They also know which plants will thrive in your soil and where to position them. Making mistakes in your garden can be costly to rectify.

If you do not want many plants and your budget is under £500, maybe a keen gardener or a friend with knowledge could be the best option. However, if your garden will have an abundance of plants, a plan is a great idea. Planting plans take into account the soil, shade, sun, colour, style and other factors. Horticulturalists have a wealth of knowledge in planting, and it can save you time and money by devising a plan.

Garden build is the construction element or landscaping. The garden build team will take the garden design/master plan and undertake the work. It will usually involve a mix of hard landscaping (digging, patios, decking, level changes, etc.) and soft landscaping (lawn, planting, etc.).

If one company is responsible for designing and building your garden, it is a cohesive approach. For example, when you work with Acacia Gardens, our design team will create the garden master plan. They will liaise with the build team about soft landscaping and hard landscaping. Our approach leaves less room for errors or misinterpretation of the garden design. Taking care of the entire process, from garden design to the build, is a seamless process.

At Acacia Gardens, our starting prices for garden design and build projects are £10,000. It is an entry price with projects costing more. It depends entirely upon your brief, garden size, materials, and ultimately what you want to achieve.

There are many gardens design options. We ask you to complete a questionnaire so we can begin to understand your requirements. Our garden design will talk through who will use the garden and what you want to achieve. We recommend that you take a look at our Pinterest Mood Boards . These boards can help you determine what type of garden design you prefer. Garden designs can range from contemporary to family-friendly, country cottage or Japanese serene. It’s essential to decide on how much involvement you want in the garden upkeep once the project is complete. Busy professionals ask for low maintenance gardens. Seniors often like to potter around in the garden and may request a veg patch.

We select garden materials (paving, decking wood, etc.) based on your preferences and budget and other factors, including sustainability. Our team will narrow down the best choices to suit your particular garden design. Then, we can show you these materials to help you finalise your decision.

Acacia Gardens is a London Garden Design and Build Company. A high majority of our work takes place near our head office in North London, North West London, and East London. However, we do travel for larger garden design and build projects in Greater London and Hertfordshire.

Acacia Gardens works with other garden designers, interiors and architects. We often take care of the construction/build part of the project. When we are too busy or projects are unique, we can put you in touch with a garden designer that has relevant experience. We would be happy to quote for just the garden build, soft landscaping and hard landscaping.

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