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Acacia Gardens is a Millboard decking installation company in London. Millboard is a superior composite decking which is wood free but looks like the real thing. Acacia Gardens supplies and fits Millboard decking, composite decking, hardwood decking and softwood decking. This page gives you information about the benefits of Millboard decking to help you make an informed decision about this material. The decking team at Acacia Gardens has extensive experience designing and fitting Millboard decking. If you are looking for a Millboard decking installation company in London, and North London, we can help.

Millboard Installation Hackney

Garden Decking Hackney Using Millboard

Millboard decking installation Hampstead

Garden Decking Hampstead Using Millboard

Millboard Decking Design and Installation London

Acacia Gardens has installed and fitted plenty of Millboard decks in London gardens. Aside from supplying and fitting Millboard decking, we can design the deck to enhance your garden. Our design team can present a suitable deck shape, size and include platforms, steps, seating and handrails if required. Lighting can be incorporated into the decking design, making the garden usable in the evening. Contact us for more information about Millboard. We are happy to visit your home to provide you with a quote. Our team work in North London and other parts of London. Please contact Acacia Gardens to discuss your Millboard decking requirements.

Millboard limed oak bullnose steps

Bullnose Steps Using Millboard Limed Oak

Millboard Installation and Raised Beds Hackney

Raised Beds Hackney Using Millboard

Millboard Garden Decking Benefits

Millboard decking is a beautiful alternative to using real wood. Composite decking has come a long way since it’s invention and not only looks gorgeous, but it will last for years. Millboard is a superior choice for customers who want a composite decking. Here are some of the benefits of installing Millboard decking:

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