Garden Landscaping Ideas London

If you’re looking for garden landscaping ideas, this page has been designed to give you inspirational information. Garden landscaping is the change in the appearance of land which can include the planting, the layout and even the use. Acacia Gardens is a London landscaping company with vast experience of transforming gardens in the capital. To find out more about garden landscaping ideas, please read on.

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Residential Garden Landscaping Ideas

Acacia Gardens has carried out landscaping projects for a wide range of gardens throughout London. Here are some of the most popular landscaping briefs:

Family Garden: Landscaping ideas for family gardens often include a play area for the children with could contain swings, a slide, climbing frame or sand pit. A soft floor surface is essential for a play area. A garden path leading from the play area to the back door will keep muddy footprints to a minimum. If football is relevant to your kids, then you might want to consider an artificial lawn. A raised vegetable bed is a lovely idea to get the kids involved with growing food.

Dog-Friendly Garden: If you have a dog, landscaping your garden appropriately is essential. If you have a large garden, you can dedicate an area for your dog to run freely. Keep your vegetable patch or planting behind a gate and fence to the rear or your plot. Consider an artificial lawn which will require less maintenance.

Contemporary Garden: Landscaping for a fresh, modern garden is all about making a statement whether that’s with materials, a water feature or planting. Patios are perfect for entertaining and look super sleek if they are a continuation from inside to outside. Unusual architectural planting can give your space the wow factor. A water feature and mood lighting can create calm and help you relax after work.

Low Maintenance Garden: Busy professionals and seniors may want to enjoy their garden without investing much time. Landscaping for a low-maintenance garden might include raised beds with an irrigation system. A patio area positioned outside your kitchen door makes alfresco dining easy.

Urban City Garden: Many London gardens are overlooked by neighbours. Creating a screen with fencing, trellis and planting can give you privacy. Security is an important consideration with city living so fencing, locking gates and sensor lighting are essential.

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Commercial Garden Landscaping Ideas

Commercial landscaping for schools or new build housing is a service Acacia Gardens provides. Garden landscapes for commercial projects should consider safety and ease of maintenance. Security is a crucial element, so walls, fences and gates play a role in this type of landscaping. Community planting is growing in popularity as a way to engage tenants in new build apartment and children in schools. Community vegetable patches or raised beds are a great way to bring people together. These are just a few landscaping ideas to give you food for thought! Please click here to contact us for any landscaping enquiries.

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