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Acacia Gardens is a softwood decking installation company in London. We design garden decking, supply the wood and fit. We install a range of decking materials including softwood decking, hardwood decking, composite decking and Millboard decking.

This page gives you information about the benefits of softwood so that you can decide which type of wood is best for you. Acacia Gardens has immense experience designing and fitting softwood decking. If you are looking for a softwood decking installation company in London, and North London, we can help.

Softwood Decking Benefits

Softwood timber is from fast-growing coniferous evergreen trees such as Spruce and Pine. The main benefit of using softwood for your decking is that it is less expensive than hardwood. It will not last as long as hardwood, but longevity can improve with maintenance.

  • Cost-Effective: The prime benefit of softwood decking is the reasonable cost of materials. The trees grow faster and take less time to process, which keeps the overall material price low.
  • Easy Installation: In general softwood decking is easier to install for fitters so the overall time to lay the decking in your garden will be quicker, thus keeping the cost down.
  • Longevity if Maintained: Hardwood decking will last longer than softwood decking. However, if you undertake regular maintenance, then you can prolong the longevity of the decking. Hardwood decking can last up to forty years while softwood has a lifespan of ten to fifteen years. Ask your decking installation company to give you details about how long the softwood you choose is guaranteed to last. Confirm how often you need to oil the wood, so you are fully aware of the maintenance required.

Softwood Decking Design and Installation London

Acacia Gardens provides landscaping and garden design options for customers. If you are considering having a decked area in your garden, it is beneficial to have this professionally designed. We will ensure that the decking integrates well with your existing garden. Our designers can incorporate raised platforms, steps, safety railings and seating. We often recommend lighting on decking steps so that you can enjoy your decking in the evening. If you are considering having a decked area in your garden, we would love to hear from you. We can talk you through the material options, create a design and provide a quote. The team work in North London and throughout London.

Please contact Acacia Gardens to discuss your softwood decking requirements.

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Soft wood decking slated trellis and seat

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