Ten Small Garden Design Ideas

Our Ten Small Garden Design Ideas For London Gardens are perfect for anyone who lives in the capital with a compact backyard. Living in the city means that a quiet space for relaxation is perhaps more important than living in the suburbs or countryside. Small garden landscaping ideas from a professional and experienced landscaping company are essential to creating your private paradise. Here are Ten Small Garden Design Ideas from Acacia Gardens:

Small urban garden

Essential Small Garden Design Ideas

Simple Garden Design

A well thought out simple garden design can help you achieve a little haven no matter how small your backyard is. A compact design incorporating seating, planting, and even a barbecue area can be fitted into small spaces.

Compact small garden design

Low Maintenance Garden

The most important tip for small garden designs is to ensure that your backyard is low-maintenance. This includes easy planting, avoiding weed growth, and not having a lawn.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is an excellent choice for small gardens instead of traditional wood decking. It lasts longer, comes in a variety of colours, and doesn’t require painting or staining afterward.

entertaining garden design ideas comfortable seating

Garden Seating

Having somewhere to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine or to read a book is a priority. Maximise space by having garden seating integrated into the overall garden design. Fold-up chairs are also a great idea if you wish to entertain guests.

Plant Smart

Adding greenery to your backyard will help lift your spirits after a hard day in the office. Keep planting simple and in pots or raised beds to reduce weeding. Choose plants that work well in shady spots if your garden is enclosed. Bamboo is a popular option because it can be used as natural screens and looks great all year round.

Plant Smart garden picture
Grow Herbs picture

Grow Herbs

Cultivating a handful of small herb pots in your garden or on your patio offers a convenient way to elevate your culinary creations with the vibrant flavours of freshly chopped herbs. 

Cook Food

Make the most of sunny days in your compact garden by treating yourself to a barbecue. Whether it’s a quiet evening alone or a small gathering with loved ones, grilling up some delicious food adds a special touch to your outdoor experience.

Cook Food outdoor kitchen picture
Help Nature natural garden picture

Help Nature

Take a step towards nurturing the environment by committing to a simple act of kindness towards nature, such as installing a bird feeder or setting up a bee house. Even the smallest gesture can have a significant impact, providing essential resources for local wildlife and contributing to the preservation of biodiversity.

Feel Private

Introducing plants or a sunshade to your garden can transform it into a secluded sanctuary, shielding you from prying eyes and creating a tranquil retreat right in your backyard. 

private garden with shade
safe garden with floodlighting

Be Secure

Ensuring the security of your garden is paramount, particularly in urban environments, making floodlighting a prudent choice. Additionally, investing in robust fencing paired with secure gates is highly recommended to safeguard your outdoor space effectively.

Make Your Small Garden Design Ideas A Reality

Acacia Gardens is on Pinterest; you can follow us here. We have collated plenty of pretty pictures for all types of garden designs. You might be interested in looking at the images we have saved to our Small Gardens Pinterest Board.  Courtyard Gardens and Balcony Gardens are also worth viewing for small garden owners.  We hope you enjoy viewing this visual content!

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