Ten Small Garden Design Ideas For London Gardens

Our Ten Small Garden Design Ideas For London Gardens are perfect for anyone who lives in the capital with a compact backyard. Living in the city means that a quiet space for relaxation is perhaps more important than if you lived in the suburbs or countryside. Small garden landscaping ideas from a professional and experienced landscaping company are essential to creating your private paradise. Here are Ten Small Garden Design Ideas from Acacia Gardens:

  1. Simple Garden Design: A well thought out simple garden design can help you achieve a little haven no matter how small your backyard is. Compact design incorporating seating, planting and even a barbecue area can be fitted into small spaces.
  2. Low Maintenance Garden: The most important tip for small garden designs is that you should ensure your backyard is low maintenance. This includes easy planting, avoiding weed growth and not having a lawn.
  3. Composite Decking: Composite decking is a great choice for small gardens instead of traditional wood decking. Composite decking lasts longer, comes in a variety of colours and doesn’t require painting or staining afterwards.
  4. Garden Seating: Having somewhere to sit down and enjoy a glass of wine or to read a book is a priority. Maximise space by having garden seating integrated into the overall garden design. Fold up chairs are also a great idea should you wish to entertain guests.
  5. Plant Smart: Adding greenery to your backyard will certainly help to lift your spirits after a hard day in the office. Keep planting simple and in pots or raised beds to reduce weeding. If your garden is enclosed choose plants which work well in shady spots. Bamboos are a popular option because they can be used as natural screens and look great all year round.
  6. Grow Herbs: Grow a few small pots of herbs so you can chop a few fresh herbs onto your meal.
  7. Cook Food: Treat yourself to a small barbecue so you can take advantage of the sunny weather.
  8. Help Nature: Do one small thing to help nature whether that’s hanging a bird feeder or a bee house.
  9. Feel Private: Making your garden a private oasis can be achieved with the help of plants or a sun sail which can also provide shade.
  10. Be Secure: Keeping your garden safe is important, especially in urban areas, so floodlighting is a wise option. Sturdy fencing with solid gates is also advisable.
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See Pictures For Small Garden Design Ideas on Pinterest

Acacia Gardens is on Pinterest, you can follow us here. We have collated plenty of pretty pictures for all types of garden designs. You might be interested in taking a look at the pictures we have saved to our Small Gardens Pinterest Board.  Courtyard Gardens and Balcony Gardens are also worth viewing for small garden owners.  We hope you enjoy viewing this visual content!

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Make Your Small Garden Design Ideas A Reality

If you have a small garden and you live in London contact Acacia Gardens to discuss garden designs and landscaping. Please call Acacia Gardens today on 020 8800 3866 or email us here.

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