Garden Styles for London Residential Gardens

Acacia Gardens is a London Gardening Company designing and building residential gardens throughout London. We provide a complete garden design and build package to ensure your landscaping project is hassle-free, saving you time and money. Our in-house design team can transform your garden into an idyllic cottage garden, a lush exotic hideaway or a formal immaculate landscape. Whether you want a contemporary garden design or something more traditional, we can help you visualise your ideas with our 3D garden designs and videos. Please see a selection of different garden styles below for inspiration. 

Bohemian garden styles picture

Bohemian or Boho garden styles are relaxed and rustic with a natural colour palette or grey with black. Add a cosy seating area comprising natural furniture, berber style cushions and rugs. The planting backdrop is lush green foliage including ferns, bamboos and pampas grasses. 

Contemporary garden styles are  ideal for busy young professionals. Designs often include a composite decking, a patio area, built-in seating and room for a barbecue. Architectural plants, clean lines, premium materials and muted colours are essential.

Cottage style gardens are always popular. Clients with period properties tend to opt for pretty country cottage planting designs. Other key features include winding paths, raised beds, vegetable plots, rose bushes and weeping willow trees.   

Courtyard garden styles are characterised by a flat surface surrounded by walls or buildings. Making a feature of the walls and planting shade loving plants can help achieve a beautiful outdoor space.

Eco-friendly garden styles help nature to thrive in your backyard. The focus is on bee-attracting plants, successional blooms, companion and native planting. Using repurposed and reclaimed materials is advisable.

Family friendly gardens cater for the entire family with entertaining at the heart. A large dining terrace and outdoor kitchen are key components along with a kids play area. Security and privacy are other important factors.

Japanese garden styles are zen, immaculate and tranquil. Key features include rocks, water, plants and ornamentation. Rake the gravel into waves and add green plants such as moss, ferns and grasses. 

Mediterranean garden styles give you that holiday feeling all year round. Add a brick paver terrace, winding paths, a dry garden or rockery, plenty of terracotta pots and a water feature for the ultimate Med landscape.

Rustic garden styles are an excellent choice for homeowners wanting a relaxed and romantic backyard. This garden style is for you if you love repurposing or salvaging objects and pottering around in your shed.

Traditional garden styles are perfect for homeowners who like a formal landscape with a symmetrical layout. An immaculate lawn, topiary, urns and a water fountain are all essentials in a pristine garden. 

Tropical garden styles are perfect for homeowners wanting a lush and exotic landscape. Dark green palms, ferns and bamboos create a backdrop to your dining terrace and lounging area with rattan furniture.

Urban garden styles are popular with our London clients with compact and enclosed gardens. Low maintenance and contemporary gardens with built-in seating, privacy and security are essential considerations. 

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