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Eco-Friendly Garden Styles

Eco-friendly garden styles are characterised by the emphasis on attracting and helping nature to thrive in your backyard. A primary focus is on planting – bee-attracting plants, successional blooms (flowering all year round), companion planting (natural pest control) and native planting (plants that will prosper in your geographical location). A great way to attract wildlife and insects is by adding a water feature that can also provide a tranquil focus for your garden design. If you’re building a terrace or decking, use natural or reclaimed materials. Get creative by repurposing household items for garden use, such as making plant pots out of tin cans. Use plants, hedges and trees to create natural boundaries and different garden areas where possible. The in-house design team at Acacia Gardens has created a list of ten eco-friendly garden features you’ll want to include.

10 Eco-Friendly Garden Design Features

  1. Using natural or reclaimed materials
  2. Repurposing household items for garden use
  3. Attracting wildlife and bees into your garden
  4. Adding a water feature
  5. Ensuring plants bloom throughout the year
  6. Planting the right plants next to each other
  7. Focussing on native planting
  8. Growing a wild meadow lawn
  9. Growing hedges instead of putting up fences
  10. Composting area for your kitchen waste
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Eco-Friendly Garden Styles and Design

An eco-friendly garden focuses on working with nature and helping to attract insects, birds and small wildlife and helping them to thrive. Bee-attracting planting and using natural or reclaimed materials are essential elements of an environmentally friendly garden.

Any type of property from period to modern.

Reclaimed materials or natural materials that have eco-friendly credentials. If you are using wood, ensure it is FSC certified.

A natural colour palette to echo the natural credentials is advisable.

Native plants are best because they will grow well with little intervention. Flowers that attract bees. Drought-resistant plants are another great idea because they require little watering.

How Acacia Gardens Can Help
With Your Eco-Friendly Garden Design

Our in-house team can create custom designs for an eco-friendly garden and a planting design. After discussing your requirements, we can produce 3D plans and a 3D video to show how your garden could look. If you like what you see, our complete garden design and build package are cost-effective and hassle-free. You could be pottering around in your eco-friendly garden sooner than you think. Contact Acacia Gardens today to discuss your requirements.

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