Paving and Patios Installers London

Installing new paving and patios can transform the look of your garden.

Whether you’re looking to create some new outdoor space, or increase your properties worth.

Our paving and patio building service helps homeowners and property developers bring their gardens to life with beautifully crafted hardstandings.

Our professional paving, design and building service will take care of all aspects of building your new patio.

Your home is normally the biggest single investment you make, so it’s only natural that you would want to keep it in great condition both inside and out. Our domestic paving service is aimed at homeowners who want to make their house into more of a home.

Paving and Patios for Homeowners

Often the first thing visitors to your home will notice is the condition of your paths and driveway. A badly maintained driveway with cracks and weeds growing out of it can give an impression of neglect and a home in need of some care.  Conversely, a beautiful block paved or stone paving path, not only looks great but will also add thousands of pounds to the value of your home.

Acacia Gardens realises that installing a new driveway or paved area is a big project. One that will be in place for a long time, so it’s important to us that we make sure you get exactly what you want and that it is installed with the minimum of disruption.  We never leave a job until you’re happy with the results.  Our paving team will guide you through the process of planning and surveying to groundwork, excavation, laying and finishing, Leaving you with a beautiful, durable, long-lasting surface.

We are happy to work on jobs of any size, so if it’s a small patio or a winding garden path you need, contact us today for a free consultation and quote either by phone or email.

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Paving and Patio FAQs

Will I need planning permission?

If you are using paving that is permeable (or porous) you will not require planning permission. If you choose materials such as gravel, permeable concrete block paving or porous asphalt for your driveway, planning permission is not required. If the excess rainwater is directed to a lawn or border in order to drain naturally then planning permission is also not required.

Will weeds grow through my block paving?

When we excavate and prepare the area where your paving will be we use weed control in the form of a thick Geo-textile membrane beneath paving that is laid on a sand screed and under all gravel or bark areas. This will prevent any growth from below, however it is almost impossible to stop weeds from completely growing, at a surface level. We advise all customers that a weed killer is used periodically.

Is block paving difficult to clean?

Your paving will require very little maintenance. However, some paving finishes are easier to keep clean than others. Paving slabs or blocks with a riven surface will allow dirt to gather more easily, whereas smooth paving tiles are less prone to surface dirt. Porous materials like Sandstone will allow dirt to penetrate deeper into the stone naturally. This can add a desirable aged effect to your paving stones if your paving is being installed in a heritage property. Cleaning solutions are available to clean oil or tyre marks using a pressure washer. Acacia gardens also offer a patio and driveway cleaning service.

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