Ten Best Garden Design Trends 2023

Acacia Gardens announces its Ten Best Garden Design Trends 2023. As technology becomes more available 3D garden designs, videos, and virtual reality become the norm. Sustainable and sharing gardens, along with growing veg and flowers, will be popular. Pergolas take centre stage while internal and external continuity prevails, and garden styling and lighting shine. The overriding theme is that homeowners will enjoy their gardens more by creating outdoor living rooms and kitchens to entertain family and friends. Many of the Garden Trends for 2022 continue, including drought resistance and wellness themes. Look at our Garden Design Trend for 2023 to see which ones you’ll embrace.

Acacia Gardens Ten Best Garden Design Trends 2023 List

1. 3D Garden Designs

As tech becomes more available, 3D garden designs and garden walk-through videos gain popularity. At the luxury end of the market will be virtual reality experiences. Homeowners expect realistic and life-like garden designs before they commit to landscaping projects. Read more about our 3D Garden Designs.

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2. Outdoor Living Rooms

As we tighten our economic belts in 2023, socialising in our back gardens will be in full swing this summer. Homeowners will create their perfect sanctuary, including comfy outdoor sofas, rugs and lighting. Texture will also be on-trend which you can add via garden sofa upholstery, outdoor cushions and ridged planters.

3. Outdoor Kitchens

As people spend more time outside, alfresco dining and barbecues will be sought after. Standard outdoor kitchens often include a sink and a grill. If you want the ultimate outdoor kitchen, consider adding a pizza oven, meat smoker, fridge, overhead shade and a fire pit. Speak to your garden designer about the positioning of your outdoor kitchen which should be next to a dedicated alfresco dining area.

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4. Sustainable and Sharing Gardens

Sustainable gardens are here to stay. Those feeling the economic pinch will recycle and reclaim materials for use in their gardens. Sharing seeds and cuttings with neighbours will help your garden and friendships blossom. 

5. Pergolas Take Centre Stage

With scorching summer weather blasting the UK a few weeks each year, it’s time to take shelter in your back garden. Pergolas with climbing plant cover are a natural way to shade yourself from the heat. However, those with contemporary gardens will prefer their pergolas to remain minimal and appreciate the structure by depicting it with lighting. Traditional wood pergolas are being replaced with aluminium for modern lovers.

Pergolas Take Centre Stage
Wildflower Lawns Image

6. Wildflower Lawns

If you’re fed up with keeping your lawn immaculate, don’t worry because pretty wildflower lawns will be all the rage. Not only do you get gorgeous colours, but it’s a low-maintenance option and better for the environment. With a wildflower lawn you can put away your mower and cook up a storm in your outside kitchen instead!

7. Growing Your Own Flowers

Nothing is better than presenting a friend with a bouquet from your garden. Speak to your landscaper about planting designs to ensure you have fabulous flowers to create floral displays throughout the seasons. Dried foliage and flowers are an interior accessory trend that continues. Learning how to press and dry your own is rewarding and provides decorative interest for your home. Speak to your garden designer about planting flowers and foliage suitable for drying.

Find out more about Acacia Gardens Planting Design Service.

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Urban Veg Plots image

8. Urban Veg Plots

Growing veg in urban gardens is a great way to connect with nature. It also satisfies the discerning taste buds of city dwellers. Those living in apartments with balconies will experiment with vertical planting or growing veggies in pots. Indoor veg and herb growing will also rise in popularity thanks to indoor hydroponic gardens.

9. Creating A Mood

Homeowners will experiment with creating a mood in their garden through styling and lighting. An example is setting the outdoor dining table to match the alfresco occasion, whether it’s a low-key BBQ or a special event. Instead of changing garden furniture, on-trend cushions, throws and pots can help refresh the look without the expense. Lighting can be bright or dimmed during the evening to create the desired atmosphere. Garden designers can help you achieve the garden styling and lighting themes that suit your lifestyle.

Garden Design by Daniel Shea.

Seamless Continuity Image

10. Seamless Continuity

The options are endless for seamless interiors and gardens with flooring, cladding and colour matching. With manufacturers producing materials that can be used inside and outside, a seamless look is achievable. Realistic-looking wood plank tiles, porcelain tiles, resin and concrete help extend the interior floor into the garden. Going one step further, colour themes and materials used inside are now transferred to outdoor sheds, walls and other garden structures to provide a cohesive appearance.

Garden Design by Odie Green.

If you’re considering painting a shed, fence or external wall, you should check out the paint colour trends for 2023. For natural tones, try the Dulux Colour of the Year 2023. Wild Wonder™ is a positive, glowing tone inspired by the natural world with gentle warm gold and hints of green. If you prefer to go for a bold shade you’ll love Digital Lavender (Coloro and WGSN Colour of the Year). The Pantone Colour of the Year is Viva Magenta, a crimson red tone with a warm and cool balance.

All trends have been created by the Acacia Gardens team and all gardens are designed and built by Acacia Gardens unless stated differently.

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