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Rustic Garden Styles

Rustic garden styles are cosy and romantic because they focus on repurposing materials and objects. Creating a rustic dining area with an overhead pergola made from reclaimed wood can become the focal point. If you have the room, include a shed where you can embrace your creative side through art or yoga. A natural and earthy palette is perfect for a rustic garden, but you can add colour through painted benches, fences, sheds and flowers. Encouraging nature into your garden with bee or bird homes is a lovely touch. Perhaps the best thing about rustic gardens is that they can look unkempt, so you don’t have to worry about a pristine lawn or pruned bushes. The in-house design team at Acacia Gardens has created a list of ten rustic garden features you may wish to include.

10 Rustic Garden Design Features

  1. Creating a rustic dining area
  2. Building a pergola from reclaimed wood
  3. Including a shed for your creative projects
  4. Laying steppingstones and gravel paths
  5. Making raised flower beds from railway sleepers
  6. Using natural materials with a distressed appearance
  7. Keeping the colour palette earthy and neutral
  8. Adding colour with painted wood furniture and structures
  9. Inviting nature into your garden with bird and bee homes
  10. Planting plenty of flowers in repurposed or vintage objects
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Rustic Styles and Design

A rustic garden is a charming and relaxing style focused on using reclaimed materials and repurposed objects. It’s a garden that allows you to unleash your creative side by upcycling furniture from your home to place outside. Use vintage objects like metal buckets, wheelbarrows or enamel basins for planters.

The types of properties that suit a rustic garden are cottages or period properties.

Reclaimed materials with a distressed appearance. Natural materials such as woven willow or hazel look lovely for fencing.

Natural and earthy tones work well, but you can add pops of colour by painting fences, garden furniture, and pots or planting colourful flowers.

Pretty flowers with gorgeous colours or scents will look amazing. Our favourites include lavender and jasmine. Our top tip is to add mulch on flower beds to achieve a rustic appearance.

How Acacia Gardens Can Help
With Your Rustic Garden Design

Our in-house team can create your romantic rustic garden. We can produce 3D plans and a 3D video to help you visualise how your garden could look in a rustic style. If you like these ideas, our complete garden design and build package are cost-effective and hassle-free, saving you time and money. You could be relaxing with your family outside sooner than you think. Contact Acacia Gardens today to discuss your requirements.

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