Ten Best Garden Design Trends 2024

As we step into a new year, it’s time to rejuvenate and reimagine your garden with the ten best garden design trends 2024. Our expert in-house garden design team has meticulously curated a list of ten innovative and inspiring ways to elevate your outdoor space. Embrace the new year with cutting-edge trends like connecting with nature, serene single-colour gardens, awe-inspiring vertical green walls, tranquil Japanese-style moss gardens, enchanting moon gardens and energy-efficient adaptive lighting. Enhance the aesthetic appeal with sculptural elements and make eco-friendly choices with peat alternatives. Create a romantic oasis with beautiful, blooming gardens. Remember the enduring significance of climate resilience, promoting bee pollination, and fostering well-being through gardening. These trends are more than just styles; they’re a testament to our commitment to enduring, beautiful and functional garden spaces that resonate with the rhythm of 2024 and beyond. 

Our Top Ten Garden Design Trends 2024

1. Connecting with Nature

The biophilic concept revolves around creating a harmonious blend between indoor and outdoor environments. Imagine coordinating the plants in your living room with those in your garden, visible through transparent bi-fold doors. Incorporating natural materials that transition smoothly from your home into the garden enhances this connection. Such a design promotes a profound bond with nature, providing a serene and grounding atmosphere for those inhabiting these spaces.

Garden Design: Acacia Gardens
Photography: Steve Franck

Connecting with Nature Image
Single Colour Gardens Image

2. Single Colour Gardens

These monochromatic gardens are designed with a single colour scheme, creating a visually cohesive and calming environment. This approach can range from lush greens to vibrant flowers of a singular hue, offering a harmonious aesthetic.

Garden Design: Daniel Shea
Photography: Eleanor Walpole

3. Green Walls

An innovative approach for urban spaces, vertical green walls, living walls and wall forests involves integrating multi-story greenery on the facades of buildings and structures. This adds a unique visual element to urban landscapes and improves air quality and city biodiversity.
Green Walls Image
Japanese Style Gardens Image

4. Japanese Style Gardens

Japanese-style gardens with abundant moss in the design offer a lush, soft and distinctive aesthetic. Moss gardens are visually appealing and environmentally friendly, requiring less water and maintenance than traditional lawns.

5. Moon Gardens

These are designed to come alive at night, featuring night-blooming plants and silver-leaved foliage that reflect moonlight. Moon gardens provide a magical and ethereal atmosphere for evening relaxation and enjoyment.
Moon Gardens Image
Adaptive Lighting Image

6. Adaptive Lighting

The use of energy-efficient and adaptable lighting systems in gardens is rising. This trend highlights garden features and creates an ambience while mindful of energy consumption and environmental impact.

7. Sculptural Elements

Integrating artistic sculptures and installations in garden spaces enhances the aesthetic appeal. These elements can range from classic to contemporary designs, adding a layer of creativity and personality to the garden.

Sculpture: David Harber
Photography: Eleanor Walpole


Sculptural Elements Image
Peat Alternatives Image

8. Peat Alternatives

With the anticipated 2030 ban on peat-based garden products, there is a growing trend towards sustainable alternatives such as bark and wood fibre. These eco-friendly options help in conservation efforts and provide effective and efficient growing mediums for plants.

Garden Design: Acacia Gardens
Photography: Steve Franck

9. Romantic Gardens

This style features beautiful, often fragrant flowers, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Plants like hydrangeas add bursts of colour and texture, making these gardens ideal for relaxation and visual enjoyment.

Garden Design: Acacia Gardens
Photography: Anna Omiotek-Tott

Romantic Gardens Image

10. Interior Design Trends

Reflecting current interior design trends in garden spaces, this approach incorporates elements like stripes, quiet luxury and the year’s trending colours from sources like Pantone (Peach Fuzz) and Dulux (Sweet Embrace). These trends bring sophistication and interior design style to outdoor living spaces.
If you want to discuss your garden design and build project, please call Acacia Gardens. Our Garden Design team can help transform your outside space with these trends in mind or any other ideas you may have.
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