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Increase Evening Garden Use With Illumination

Acacia Gardens offers garden lighting design and installation services throughout North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London and Hertfordshire. Effective outdoor lighting not only extends the usability of your garden into the evening hours but also adds aesthetic appeal and security. Our garden lighting design experts are available to guide you through the various lighting alternatives, ensuring you’re well-equipped to make an informed choice. Read on for details about our range of outdoor lighting solutions.


Garden Lighting Design Ideas

For a garden design and build project, including exterior lighting considerations from the outset is crucial. This enables the installation team to seamlessly integrate lighting within the overall garden design, ensuring cables are concealed. At Acacia Gardens, we advise against excessive lighting, which can make the garden feel overly illuminated and less inviting. While establishing ambience is crucial, safety remains paramount. We add character by blending diverse lighting types set at multiple levels. Also integral to the design are factors like lighting controls (be it manual, timed, or app-controlled) and the emphasis on energy efficiency.

Driveway Lights

Lighting for driveways is crucial for accurate car parking and illumination during tasks like unloading groceries. Additionally, it ensures safe entry for both homeowners and guests. Driveway lighting comes in various options, from in-ground lights to post and bollard lights. We also advocate for a light near the front porch or entrance for visibility and safety.


Path Lights

Illuminating pathways using in-ground, post, or bollard lights is a crucial aspect of outdoor lighting. Ensuring straightforward navigation in the garden during nighttime is essential. At Acacia Gardens, while we caution against over-lighting, we emphasise the importance of providing sufficient light to ensure safety and prevent mishaps.

Step Lights

Illuminating steps on features like garden decking, terraces, or patios are vital considerations to your overall garden design. It enhances the experience of nighttime alfresco entertainment and safety. Acacia Gardens suggests utilising in-ground lights or dedicated decking lights. These are ideal solutions and provide the desired effect.

Up Lights

Highlighting trees and garden attractions like sculptures or water features using uplighting can add a captivating element to your garden. A gentle illumination accentuates and elevates these focal points by positioning uplights at the base of the desired tree or feature.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lighting enhances the garden’s overall aesthetic. Various choices exist, from Victorian-style carriage lights illuminating the front entrance to outdoor lights accentuating walls and fences and gorgeous globe lights gracing the lawn.

Security Lights

Security lighting is a vital component of any garden. Not only do these lights deter potential intruders, but they also offer homeowners a sense of safety and reassurance. Acacia Gardens suggests using motion-activated, timed security lights and floodlights.

Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

At Acacia Gardens, lighting is an integral element of residential garden design. Our philosophy is that garden lighting should balance aesthetics and utility. It should amplify the garden’s primary attributes while serving practical purposes, illuminating pathways, garden features or bolstering home security.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Lighting

Outdoor lighting has many benefits. Driveway lighting can help you park your car and provide security when entering your home. Back garden lighting allows you to entertain in the evening and night. Lights on the patio and decking steps or paths help you navigate the garden safely. Other types of lighting can provide decorative interest, such as uplighting a tree or water feature. A significant benefit is the use of lighting as a cost-effective source of security to deter intruders.

Exterior security lights are a vital consideration for gardens. There are various types of outdoor security lights for the garden. The main categories are motion sensors or motion-activated lights that go on when they detect movement. Timed security lights can light up at a particular time at night.  Floodlights can light up a large area to ensure a constant light source or activate when detecting motion.

If you have a large garden and employ a garden designer, they will incorporate lighting design into the overall garden plan. If you have a small garden and a limited budget, you can add battery-operated or solar lighting with minimal effort. Planning the lighting element of a garden design is an important consideration from the beginning because you can hide cables from view.

The cost of garden lighting depends on your budget and requirements. However, it can be less expensive than you think but make a big difference. A few well-placed lights can provide interest and increase the use of your garden into the evening. It is best to prioritise the lighting you need and figure out why you want to light it. First, think about safety, practicalities and then decorative interest.

We recommend you speak to your garden designer if you have any doubts. They have a professional opinion on which elements in the garden are worth lighting up. They also understand the entire garden design well and can advise on natural-looking lighting.

Don’t overlight your garden; otherwise, it will look too harsh. We recommend necessary lighting for the safety of steps, paths and entrances. Include sensor lighting for security. If you have an additional budget, use uplighters for crucial features in your garden. Uplighters can provide a good light source in a compact garden and can be used instead of path lights.

Garden lights can be activated manually by switching on and off as and when you require lighting. Lights can be fitted with a timer, ideal for homeowners away on holiday or arriving home late from work. Another way to activate your garden lights is via an app on your phone, which makes life easier. Sensor lighting is a cost-effective and energy-efficient source because it comes on when a person walks past.

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