Residential Garden Lighting Design and Installation London

Acacia Gardens provide residential garden lighting design and installation throughout London. Proper lighting can maximise the use of your garden into the evening and the night. It also provides a layer of interest, decoration and security. Our garden designers can talk you through the lighting options to help you make an informed decision. Please see below for information on the types of exterior lighting we can provide.


Garden Lighting Design Ideas and Benefits

When undertaking a garden design and build project, it is vital to consider the exterior lighting options from the start. One significant benefit is that the installation team can incorporate lighting as part of the overall garden design and hide the cables. Acacia Gardens recommends not over lighting your garden. Otherwise, it can be too bright and unwelcoming. It is essential to set a mood but also to consider safety. We create interest by combining different types of lighting set at various levels. Other considerations include lighting controls (manual, times, apps) and energy efficiency.

Driveway Lights

Driveway lighting is essential for parking your car correctly and providing a light source when unpacking shopping. It also helps the homeowner and visitors enter the property safely. There are a number of driveway lighting options from in ground lights to post lights and bollard lights. A front porch or entrance light is also recommended.

Path Lights

Lighting up pathways with in-ground lights, post lights or bollard lights is an essential consideration of exterior lighting. Being able to navigate your way around the garden at night is vital. Acacia Gardens recommends avoiding pathways looking like airport runways but provide enough light to prevent accidents.

Step Lights

Lighting steps on garden decking, a garden terrace or a patio is another crucial consideration for exterior lighting. It gives you the option to enjoy alfresco entertaining into the night. Acacia Gardens recommends in-ground lights or specialist decking lights for this project.

Up Lights

Uplighting trees and focal points in the garden, such as sculptures or water features, can give your garden interest. Uplights go at the base of the tree or fountain you wish to illuminate and cast a subtle glow to enhance the features.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lighting can add interest to the garden’s overall design. Many options are available, including carriage lights for the front entrance, outdoor lights for walls and fences and globe lights for the lawn.

Security Lights

Security lights are an essential consideration for every garden. Security lights are a deterrent for intruders and give the homeowner peace of mind. Acacia Gardens recommends motion-activated, timed security lights and floodlights.

Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

Acacia Gardens considers lighting to be a crucial part of residential garden design. We believe that garden lighting should adhere to both form and function. It should enhance key garden features and provide a benefit whether that is lighting a path or providing security for the homeowner.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

Garden Lighting Installation London

Acacia Gardens can design a lighting plan and undertake the garden lighting installation if you live in London. We often include lighting installation as part of our garden and design projects. However, if your garden only requires lighting, we can undertake the installation as a separate project. Please contact Acacia Gardens to discuss your exterior lighting requirements.

Outdoor Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor lighting has many benefits. Driveway lighting can help you park your car and provides security when entering your home. Back garden lighting allows you to entertain in the evening and night. Lights on the patio and decking steps or paths help you navigate the garden safely. Other types of lighting can provide decorative interest, such as up lighting a tree or water feature. A significant benefit is the use of lighting as a cost-effective source of security to deter intruders.

Exterior security lights are a vital consideration for gardens. There are various types of outdoor security lights for the garden. The main categories are motion sensors or motion-activated lights that go on when they detect movement. Timed security lights can be set to light up at a particular time at night.  Floodlights can light up a large area to ensure a constant source of light or activate when motion is detected.

If you have a large garden and are employing a garden designer, they will incorporate lighting design into the overall garden plan. If you have a small garden and a limited budget, you can add battery-operated or solar lighting with minimal effort. Planning the lighting element of a garden design is an important consideration from the beginning because you have the opportunity to hide cables from view.

The cost of garden lighting depends on your budget and requirements. However, it can be less expensive than you think but make a big difference. A few well-placed lights can provide interest and increase the use of your garden into the evening. It is best to prioritise the lighting you require and determine why you want to light. First, think about safety, practicalities and then decorative interest.

If in doubt, we recommend you speak to your garden designer. They have a professional opinion on which elements in the garden are worth lighting up. They also have a good understanding of the entire garden design and can advise on natural-looking lighting.

Don’t over light your garden; otherwise, it will look too harsh. We would recommend necessary lighting for steps, paths and entrances for safety. Include sensor lighting for security. If you have an additional budget, use uplighters for crucial features in your garden. Uplighters can provide a good light source in a compact garden and be used instead of path lights.

Garden lights can be activated manually by switching on and off as and when you require lighting. Lights can be fitted with a timer which is ideal for homeowners that are away on holiday or arrive home late from work. Another way to activate your garden lights is via an app on your phone, which makes life easier. Sensor lighting is a cost-effective source of lighting and energy-efficient because they come on when a person walks past.

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