Residential Garden Planting London

Creating Visual Impact Through Planting

Acacia Gardens is committed to providing an exceptional residential garden planting service tailored to each landscape. Whether you require a planting design or the planting of boarders, beds, containers or hanging baskets, we can advise and execute. While we prioritise clients for whom we’ve managed garden design and build projects, we also consider new clients based on the project scope and our current availability. Our domestic planting services cover North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire. Trust Acacia Gardens to undertake your planting for visual impact. 

Benefits Of Professional Planting For Homeowners

Engaging in professional planting offers homeowners a myriad of advantages. Our team deeply understand soil types, local climates and plant varieties, ensuring the right plants are chosen for optimal growth and aesthetics. Their knowledge also helps determine ideal planting times and maximise plant health and longevity. This expertise saves homeowners from costly mistakes and guarantees a garden that flourishes year-round. Professional planting enhances curb appeal, potentially raising property values, and ensures homeowners enjoy a vibrant, well-curated outdoor space without the guesswork.

Our Residential Garden Planting Services

Acacia Gardens takes pride in offering a comprehensive residential planting service that transcends mere landscaping. Our planting design service is at the heart of our approach, where our experts meticulously craft plans tailored to each home’s unique aesthetic and environmental needs. Drawing from our extensive horticultural knowledge, we select the right mix of plants that thrive in the given conditions and complement the overall landscape design. Through this blend of artistry and expertise, Acacia Gardens ensures that homeowners enjoy a vibrant, sustainable and harmoniously curated outdoor space.

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