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Family-Friendly Garden Styles

Family-friendly garden styles often go hand in hand with contemporary garden designs. Clean lines and clearly defined zones for different uses are paramount. Include a large entertaining area and an outdoor kitchen for alfresco dining and lighting so you can enjoy the garden well into the evening. Providing a place for the kids to play in a safe environment with a soft floor is an essential along with overhead cover for sunny days. Remember safety when planting, so avoid prickly shrubs or poisonous berries. If you have the room, add a vegetable plot because it’s fun and educational to involve the kids in growing their food from an early age. Finally, ensure your garden is private and safe with a secure fence, gate and sensor lighting. The in-house design team at Acacia Gardens has created a list of ten family-friendly garden features you may wish to include.

10 Family-Friendly Garden Design Features

  1. Zoning the garden for family usage
  2. Including a large entertaining area
  3. Building an outdoor kitchen
  4. Sectioning a place for the kids to play
  5. Providing overhead cover
  6. Installing lighting for evening use
  7. Using contemporary and hard-wearing materials
  8. Planting with safety in mind
  9. Growing vegetables with the kids
  10. Installing fencing for privacy and safety
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Family-Friendly Garden Styles and Design

A family-friendly garden focuses on spending time with the family, so an outdoor living area and kitchen are the key elements. Include a play area for the kids if you have the room. Contemporary garden designs work well for family-friendly gardens because they are low maintenance. 

Any type of property, from traditional to contemporary.

Hard-wearing and contemporary materials are perfect for family-friendly gardens. For example, composite decking is a hassle-free alternative to natural wood.

A natural colour palette is advisable. Keep it light and bright.

Easy-to-grow and maintain plants are ideal. Make sure you avoid prickly, spikey or poisonous plants.

How Acacia Gardens Can Help
With Your Family-Friendly Garden Design

Our in-house team can create your dream family-friendly garden. We can produce 3D plans and a 3D video to show how your garden could look. If you like what you see, our complete garden design and build package are cost-effective and hassle-free, saving you time and money. You could be relaxing with your family outside sooner than you think. Contact Acacia Gardens today to discuss your requirements.

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