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Acacia Gardens are landscape contractors for interior designers, undertaking garden build and construction work. Our areas of operation are mainly North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire. Whether you prefer to lead the garden design or partner with our seasoned in-house team, we’re here to ensure seamless collaboration and project success. Our specialised landscaping team stands ready to elevate gardens into stunning outdoor extensions of interior spaces. Over twenty years, we’ve honed our expertise in landscape construction. We’re adept at realising the aspirations of interior designers, from crafting patios and decks to meticulous planting. Working alongside garden designers is a core facet of our services.

Acacia Gardens is an invaluable partner for interior designers venturing into garden design. Our adept in-house design team is equipped to guide the entire process, whether you prefer to lead or collaborate. We streamline client comprehension and project commitment with tools like 3D garden plans and video walkthroughs. Our wealth of experience in engineering and horticulture ensures you receive expert advice on nuances like garden drainage or the best landscaping materials. When it’s time to transition from blueprint to reality, our dedicated construction crew stands ready to meticulously execute every landscaping facet, from driveways to detailed planting.


Acacia Gardens partners with interior designers to aid garden design or execute their visions. Drawing from our extensive experience, we advise on the best construction materials. Our expertise in soil and drainage further enriches our collaborative efforts, ensuring a comprehensive and informed approach.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

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