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If you’re looking for garden design ideas, this page has been created to give you essential information and advice. Garden design is the art and process of designing and creating plans for layout and planting of gardens. Acacia Gardens is a London garden design company committed to providing clients with a garden that realises their brief and budget. To find out more about garden design ideas, please read on.

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Garden Design Ideas to Consider

Garden Design Brief: The garden design you end up with is only as good as the brief you can provide. The more information you can give the garden design company the better. It should include your vision, preferences, style, desires, requirements and garden use.

Other Considerations: Key considerations should include the ease of garden maintenance so be realistic about how much time you can devote to gardening. If you have pets, this should be accounted for because a dog might dig up your new lawn. The age of your children and if they play in the garden is also important. Other considerations are the position of your garden (sunny or shady), privacy and security.

Garden Usage: Think about how you are going to use your garden. Do you want to dine alfresco, entertain friends with a barbecue, let your dog have the run of your backyard or potter around attending to the roses?

Design Style: Deciding on your garden design style could be very easy for you or you might not have a clue. Quite often the period of your property will give you a helping hand. For example, a cottage in the country would lend itself to a typical English Garden. If you want an easy to maintain garden, then you might prefer a contemporary design.

Hard Landscaping: Hard landscaping includes paths, fences, walls, decking and built-in seating which should be communicated to the garden designer.

Soft Landscaping: Soft landscaping includes planting which should consider sun and shady spots in your garden. The variety of planting from style to colour is also important. For example, if you want a contemporary garden, then architectural plants would be appropriate.

Outside Lighting: Garden lighting is another consideration especially if you want to enjoy your garden in the evening. Motion sensor lights are worth putting on your list if you want to enhance your security.

Garden Irrigation: Make watering your garden easy. Either have an outside tap fitted or a sprinkler system installed.

Inspiration: For garden design inspiration look at what your neighbours have done with their gardens. A great place to find beautiful photographs of planting and gardens is Pinterest. You can also flick through a garden and horticultural magazine.

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Bring Your Garden Design Ideas to Life

Please click here to take a look at our Pinterest boards for garden inspiration. These pictures are not all owned by Acacia Gardens and show the work of other companies. They are images either from the Pinterest community or discovered online. You can click on each image to locate the source.

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