Ten Garden Design Trends 2019 List

This Ten Garden Design Trends 2019 list is perfect for anyone looking for fresh garden landscaping ideas. If you’re about to invest in transforming your outdoor space, you must read this Ten Garden Design Trends 2019 List first.

10 Garden Design Trends 2019 List

  1. Bauhaus Functionality
  2. Japanese Serenity
  3. Mindfulness Meditation
  4. Foraging Wilderness
  5. Tropical Lushness
  6. Compact Cosiness
  7. Alfresco Socialising
  8. Bee Friendliness
  9. Green Consciousness
  10. Vegan Living

Ten Garden Design Trends 2019 Ideas

1. Bauhaus Functionality: The Bauhaus School was founded by German architect, Walter Gropius, a hundred years ago. The Bauhaus design principles can be achieved in contemporary gardens. The garden functionality should be a prime focus with a designated section for entertaining and another for planting. Clean lines can be achieved with flat rendered walls painted in white or black. Introduce geometric patterns with paving and paths. Add pops of primary colours with feature walls or garden furniture in red, yellow and blue. Planters and flowers can also be used to provide additional splashes of colour.

garden trend ideas, blue outdoor chairs, the conran shop image

Bauhaus Functionality

Blue Bauhaus Style Garden Chairs, Courtesy of The Conran Shop

2. Japanese Serenity: A focus on Eastern artistry and beauty will be conveyed in our homes during 2019. This is a beautiful interior trend to take into your garden where you can create a sanctuary. Planting ideas include a Cherry Tree, Japanese Maple Tree and Bamboo. A water feature is a lovely idea if you have the space, either a trickling small stream over rocks or a pond with water lillies. Paths can be created using sand, pebbles or rustic wood. Decorate your garden with paper lanterns strung up in tree branches.

Japanese Serenity Garden Trends 2019 Image

Japanese Serenity

3. Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness has become a part of many people’s lives. The main element is to meditate and clear your mind. A covered structure in a quiet corner of your garden would be the ideal place to meditate. Keep the remainder of the garden easy to maintain. Grow medicinal plants and fresh vegetables which can help you relax when tending to these.

Mindfulness Meditation Garden Trends 2019 Image

Mindfulness Meditation

4. Foraging Wilderness: Foraging for food is a lovely thing to do. Create a fabulous foraging garden so all you need to do is step outside your back door and pick a few edible delights to finish off your evening meal. Plant wild garlic, mint, nettles, elderflowers, edible fungi, blackberries and more. You can just throw seeds down and let these plants grow where they want to. The rest of the garden design can be in keeping with the foraging principles which can include using reclaimed and natural materials where possible.

Foraging Wilderness image

Foraging Wilderness

5. Tropical Lushness: Lush tropical plants adorned cushion covers and wallpaper last year. It’s time to translate this to the backyard with lush green plants and garden furniture. Conran’s Tropical Modernism products for 2019 will include accents of lemon, orange, mint and aqua against nude shades. Outdoor furniture will feature basketry and cane.

garden trend ideas tropical modernism the conran shop

Tropical Lushness

Samuel Wilkinson’s outdoor Fold Sofa, Daniel Schofield’s ceramic Mag Tables and Marcel Breuer’s iconic D4 Folding Chairs, image courtesy of The Conran Shop

6. Compact Cosiness: Homes and gardens in the UK are getting smaller. Many new builds are including balconies which is perfect for growing a few herbs and flowers. If you do have a small outside space, clever garden design can help you achieve the best results for a cosy feel. Introduce a seating area and a spot for the barbecue if you can. Sun shading is also advisable for those extremely hot days. Planting will depend upon the direction your garden is facing. ‘Dwarf’ plants are becoming very popular so those are worth seeking out. Fruit trees which you can grow in pots are also worth considering.

Compact Cosiness Garden Trends 2019 Image

Compact Cosiness

7. Alfresco Socialising: Conran has pinpointed a trend for 2019 called ‘Sobremesa’. This is a Spanish word meaning time spent socialising after a meal and enjoying a digestive. Take this trend into your garden and enjoy leisurely alfresco meals with your family and friends. The garden design will include a large area dedicated to entertaining with an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area if you have the space. The dining table will be rustic wood paired with natural woven seating. Key colours for decorating the alfresco dining table will be orange, emerald green and blue.

garden trend ideas alfresco socialising the conran shop image

Alfresco Socialising

Manufacture De Digoin’s Stoneware Kitchen and Dining Collection in coloured enamel, image courtesy of The Conran Shop

8. Bee Friendliness: If the bees aren’t buzzing then we have a problem. Do your bit to help the environment and keep the bees happy. Plant bee-friendly flowers such as lavender, rhododendrons, white clover and heather. Bees are attracted to colour so keep this in mind when you are planting your flower beds. Try not to use pesticides in your garden. You can also buy a little wooden bee house which you can secure to a fence.

Bee Friendliness Garden Trends 2019 Image

Bee Friendliness

9. Green Consciousness: Environmentally friendly gardens are always of interest. Green roofs on sheds, garages and garden structures will be popular. In Chicago, the city has introduced a Green Roof Program which has encouraged businesses and to cover their roofs in plants. Using recycled or environmentally friendly materials is an important consideration in new garden landscaping designs. You can do you bit by leaving your plastic plant pots at the garden centre and taking your plants home in hessian sacks.

Green Consciousness Garden Trends 2019 Image

Green Consciousness

10. Vegan Living: : Veganism has gained in popularity and it’s time to take this into the garden. This includes avoiding the use of pesticides and any animal-based materials, for examples, no leather garden chairs. Organic vegetables, herbs and bee-friendly flowers are perfect for planting. Welcoming natural wildlife into your garden with bird feeding and bee homes are ideas to consider. The use of a water butt and composting are perfect ways to help your garden grow naturally.

garden design trends, vegan garden

Vegan Living

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