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Courtyard Garden Styles

Courtyard garden styles are defined by a flat surface surrounded by walls or buildings. It’s imperative to ensure that your courtyard feels charming and cosy. Making a feature of the brick walls by either creating a distressed appearance or painting them will add instant character or a pop of colour. Go vertical with your planting to add interest and introduce texture or colour through pots. Because enclosed spaces often lack natural sunlight, lawn growth may be difficult, so a paved or decked terrace is often a wise option. Outside mirrors and lighting are other ways to help banish dark corners. The in-house design team at Acacia Gardens has created a list of ten courtyard garden features you’ll want to include.

10 Courtyard Garden Design Features

  1. Being surrounded by walls or buildings
  2. Making a feature of the brick walls
  3. Selecting materials with a rustic appearance
  4. Paving or decking the courtyard
  5. Growing plants vertically up the walls
  6. Adding planters and pots for texture or colour
  7. Building fixed seating
  8. Including an overhead canopy
  9. Using mirrors to reflect light
  10. Creating a mood with outdoor lighting
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Frequently Asked Questions
About Courtyard Garden Styles and Design

A courtyard garden is usually a flat garden enclosed by walls or buildings. Depending on your taste, you can transform a courtyard into a contemporary, rustic or bohemian space.

Period properties such as Victorian or Edwardian houses and cottages or modern buildings.

It depends entirely on your particular taste. If the walls are natural and distressed, you may want to opt for a rustic appearance and, therefore, materials to suit. If you want a contemporary design, select sleek materials.

Because courtyards are enclosed, we would recommend light and natural colours.

It depends on the look you want, but plants that thrive in pots, planters and shady areas are advisable. Also, plants that don’t shed their leaves; otherwise, you will constantly be sweeping up your courtyard.

How Acacia Gardens Can Help
With Your Courtyard Garden Design

Our in-house team can create custom designs for a charming courtyard garden. After discussing your requirements, we can produce 3D plans and a 3D video to show how your garden could look. If you love what you see, our complete garden design and build package are cost-effective and hassle-free. You could be relaxing in your courtyard garden sooner than you think. Contact Acacia Gardens today to discuss your requirements.

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