Ten Garden Design Trends 2020 List

We’ve put together our Ten Garden Design Trends 2020 list to help our customers create the perfect garden. If you want to invest in new garden design and garden landscaping, this list will help you make the right creative decisions to give your garden a glorious transformation. Read on to discover the key Ten Garden Design Trends 2020.

10 Garden Design Trends 2020 List

  1. Boost your immune system with Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy by introducing forest features into your garden
  2. Reduce stress and benefit from Horticulture Therapy by pottering in the garden
  3. Bring the inside out by using key interior colour trends into the garden such as Classic Blue, Tranquil Dawn and Neo Mint
  4. Socialise more by creating the ultimate entertainment zone in your garden
  5. Help reduce plastic waste by using recycled plastic materials and furniture in your garden
  6. Soften your garden design with curves rather sharp edges which includes paths and outdoor sofas
  7. Create exciting patterns for paths and patios with Art Deco fan shapes or Herringbone and Chevron layouts
  8. Take traditional and classic garden design cues from past eras but update with a contemporary twist
  9. Connect with nature no matter how small your outside space is by beautifying your balcony
  10. Create a garden focal point with extra-large forest, woodland or jungle style plants

Ten Garden Design Trends 2020 Ideas

1. Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy: Forest bathing was developed in Japan during the 1980s and is said to have many benefits such as improving happiness, mental health, and boosting the immune system. It’s essentially taking a walk or hanging out in a forest which helps you become more mindful. You can’t have a forest in your back garden, but you can introduce forest plantings such as ferns, lichens and moss. Plant hardwood trees which can provide an overhead canopy of branches and leaves. These plants can encourage wildlife into your garden, which is an added benefit. If you have a small garden, you can paint a forest mural on a wall or add a water feature with a trickling stream effect.

Ten Garden Design Trends 2020 Ideas - Shinrin-Yoku Forest Therapy

2. Horticulture Therapy: Gardening is known for its health benefits. It reduces stress, helps you achieve a good night’s sleep and is a great way to get exercise. These days many homeowners prefer to have a low maintenance garden because of their hectic lifestyles. However, after a long day in the office, tending to your plants can help deal with the side effects of that hectic lifestyle. Enjoy the benefits of horticulture therapy by keeping a small part of the garden to cultivate such as a small vegetable patch or some herb pots. Raised vegetable beds can be created using sleepers (FSC Certified) which can be staggered at different levels for an interesting design.

Ten Garden Design Trends 2020 Horticulture Therapy Image

3. Colour Trends: Three key interior trends for 2020 are Pantone Classic Blue (calm azure shade), Dulux Tranquil Dawn (tranquil light green, grey, blue tone) and WGSN Neo Mint (fresh pastel green-blue, minty shade). Homeowners can introduce these colours into their garden by painting garden structures, sheds, rendered walls and fences. Alternatively, introduce these colours with plant pots and cushions for garden furniture.

Colour Trends Image

4. Alfresco Entertainment: Gardens are becoming entertainment hubs which make it easy to gather friends and family to enjoy their company. Include an outside projector to watch your favourite boxsets (but please be mindful not to annoy your neighbours, this is ideal for detached properties), warm up in the evenings with a fire pit and cook up a storm with an outdoor kitchen. When we are designing gardens for families, entertainment and socialising is often a priority.

Alfresco Entertainment Garden Trends Image

5. Recycled Plastic: Plastic in oceans, plastic bag reduction and water bottle reduction are significant concerns. Do your bit to help reduce plastic waste. When you are discussing garden designs and landscaping with your gardener, ask about recycled plastic products. There are plenty of recycled plastic materials on the market ranging from paving to fencing and decking. You can buy reclaimed plastic furniture and cushions for your garden which look amazing.

Recycled Plastic Garden Trends Image

6. Curve Appeal: Home interiors are leaning towards curved furniture and sofas, which is an easy trend to take into your garden. Think about curved paths, patios and outdoor sofas. By introducing curved materials and patterns, it will soften the garden to create a relaxed and natural looking space. Another benefit of curved lines is that it often makes then garden appear larger as well as providing a route to other areas of the garden and acting as a divider between different design zones.

Curve Appeal Garden Trends 2020 Image

7. Pathway Patterns: Take interesting interior tiling patterns into the garden to develop stunning paths and patios. Herringbone and chevron patterns have been popular. If you want to combine the curved trend, Art Deco fan shapes are perfect.

Pathway Patterns Image

8. Traditional Twist: Traditional and classic styles return with a twist to the garden. Take cues from Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco eras but with a modern update. For example, paint garden plant pots or garden benches in bold colours or set Victorian path tiles in a current tile pattern.

Ten Garden Design Trends 2020 Traditional Twist Image

9. Balcony Beautify: With land at a premium, buildings are expanding upwards. City apartments now usually come with a small balcony. Maximise this outside space with vertical planting, pretty pots and a couple of chairs. Create a mini oasis whether that’s your take on a forest, woodland or jungle. You can still connect with nature even though you’re living in the city.

garden trend ideas Balcony Beautify Image

10. Substantial Plants: Extra-large plants with exciting leaf patterns are perfect for creating a natural focal point in your garden or on your balcony. Whether you’re creating a forest, woodland or jungle effect, think big when it comes to choosing plants.

garden design trends 2020 Substantial Plants Image

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