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Social Housing and Utilities Maintenance

Social Housing and Utilities Maintenance

Although our main business revolves around landscape gardening and garden building, we also offer a highly specialised, utilities area maintenance service. This area of our business is targeted towards utility companies and rail infrastructure companies. We have completed vegetation management throughout London and the South East. Our extensively trained and highly qualified teams are Achilles Linkup approved for vegetation management, fencing, weed control and ecology services.  All of our staff are approved to work adjacent to power and railway lines.

Who needs utilities area maintenance?

Utilities area maintenance is required where trees and vegetation are close to power lines.  These must be cut back to ensure they don’t cause power outages or become obstructions for passing trains.  Our utilities area management service involves vegetation and tree management in areas surrounding these power lines.  Keeping these areas clear plays an important part in the upkeep of the electricity infrastructure.  Regular vegetation control and tree pruning is also vital to keep the rail networks running smoothly.  We have a specially trained team that work fast and ensure that controlled areas stay clear.

We also provide utilities area maintenance for building and construction services.  In this instance we are required to clear vegetation and ensure that any new cultivation around power lines is safe and aesthetically appealing.

Our utilities area maintenance clients

We have ongoing utilities area maintenance contracts with a number of large organisations all over London, including; Ground Control, Thames Water, BT and EDF Electricity.  If you require our utilities maintenance service on a regular or one-off basis, contact us here and tell us your requirements.