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Low Maintenance Garden Design N1

View of the garden from the house

The client at Alwyne Villas in Islington, London N1, sought hard and soft landscaping for their town garden, aiming for a design that echoed their home’s interiors. They wanted a low-maintenance space with sitting areas, blending modern and rustic styles to match the property’s tall walls. A specific lawn area was desired while keeping the garden’s existing levels, and the small shed was to stay. Initially, the garden had uneven terrain, worn-out paving, and old walls, prompting the need for creative solutions. The project faced hurdles of limited property access, strict waste regulations, winter weather setbacks and budget constraints, which we successfully overcame.

Town Garden Alwyne Villas Islington Key Features

Stepping stones and new lawn inspiration in Islington

Hard Landscaping

For this project, meticulous attention was given to the hardscaping elements to ensure functionality and aesthetics. High-quality porcelain paving was chosen, imparting the garden a sleek and contemporary allure. To accentuate the design, we opted for the uniquely weathered look of Corten Steel edging, providing a striking contrast that seamlessly integrated with the overall theme. The wall adjacent to the house underwent a thorough rendering process, ensuring a smooth and refined appearance.

contemporary garden design and landscaping in islington

Patio Installation

The installation of a spacious porcelain stone patio offered a perfect spot for relaxation and entertainment. Adjacent to the patio, a shingle area was incorporated, adding texture and a rustic touch to the landscape. To round off the outdoor experience, a dedicated space was crafted for a barbecue setup, and a cosy fire pit was added, ensuring warmth and a focal gathering spot for those cooler evenings.

Garden Lighting Islington N1

Garden Lighting

In the garden’s design, lighting emerged as a crucial element. By meticulously positioning the fixtures at strategic points, we aimed to accentuate the garden’s features, ensuring that its beauty was not just confined to daylight hours but also radiated an enchanting allure as night descended. The precise interplay of lights turned the garden into a magical place, perfectly capturing the essence of serene evenings.ural sandstone steps to create decorative interest.


Soft Landscaping

For the soft landscaping of this project, we focused on blending aesthetics with functionality, emphasising simplicity and maintenance ease. We used planters for varied plant types and aesthetics, including standout larger plants on walls and bamboo on the back wall to screen the shed. Raised planters on the patio and a mix of grasses, Buxus and flowers ensure low maintenance. The resulting garden connects the home’s interior with a visually appealing and serene outdoor view.


Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

I’m immensely proud of our team’s work in every element of the Town Garden project at Alwyne Villas, Islington. Every detail was crafted with a clear vision, from the contemporary feel of our porcelain paving in hard landscaping to the rustic shingle touch adjacent to the patio. We didn’t just aim for beauty in daylight; our strategic lighting ensures the garden’s charm shines even after dusk. Our soft landscaping approach was rooted in simplicity and functionality, providing aesthetic appeal and a serene connection between the home’s interior and the outdoors. This project is a testament to our commitment to blending form and function.


Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

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