Town Garden Alwyne Villas Islington N1

Project Description

The client at Alwyne Villas in Islington, London N1 required hard landscaping and soft landscaping for their town garden. The brief was a garden design which was a continuation of the house interiors. The client wanted a low maintenance garden with areas for sitting and relaxing in the garden at different times throughout the day.

Additional requests included combining contemporary and rustic touches to match the existing high walls. The small shed was to remain. The existing levels of the ground were to be retained with a separate area designated for the lawn

An important factor was to complete the project within a budget of about £17,000 plus VAT.

Description of Landscape Before the Project Began

The garden had various levels, a simple lawn, and not many features. It was looking tired and underwhelming. The paving was very uneven and could not be used. The existing walls needed repairs, and parts of the wall next to the house were quite old and unrepairable, so we had to come up with a different solution.

Challenges Faced

In this case, the main challenge was access to the house and parking. Also removing waste especially on any work completed in Islington, as it has been quite difficult because of the new rules and regulations. Skips have to be ordered 3-4 weeks in advance and you also needed to obtain a license.

Another challenge was the weather which is usual, as work on the garden was carried out during the winter months. The weather was cold and wet which slowed down the project.

Another challenge for this garden was the planters which had to be delivered on time and as we were on a very constrained budget, we had to make sure to find a supplier who could create these on time and within our budget.

Garden before photo

Description of Hard Landscaping

Landscaping on this project included lovely porcelain paving which had a contemporary feel. A stylish Corten Steel edging border was fitted. A number of planters were installed. The wall next to the house was rendered. Lighting was installed. A patio was laid, a shingle area was added along with the barbecue and fire pit.

Description of Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping had to be very simple, manageable and low maintenance. We have achieved that with a few larger plants on the walls. Bamboos were positioned on the back wall to cover the shed. Raised planters were placed on the patio. Grasses, Buxus and flowering plants which are all easy to maintain were used. We created a better view of the garden from both sides and a wonderful outlook from the house through to the garden.

Materials Selected and Why

All materials were selected as part of the brief. First to create an area of relaxation and to reflect the style of the house which is Victorian with contemporary touches. We wanted to create a vintage feel which we achieved from the grey porcelain paving and by rendering the wall and not painting it.

Prominent Features

The main features in the garden were the Corten Steel planters and mood lighting. The furniture reflects the design and the porcelain paving and the rendered wall are also stand out focal points.

Summary of Finished Project

This project demonstrates what can be achieved in a small-town garden and how that can reflect the client’s brief within the budget. It is a complete transformation of the garden and I would say a complete transformation of people’s lives. The clients are a very busy couple, they can now enjoy the garden and relax after work in their sanctuary.

Client Feedback

“Acacia Gardens have been great from the beginning. They have achieved exactly what we wanted and within the budget and time rame. The garden transformation has made us go out in the garden more often. Also, we love the fact of aftercare and making sure that there are no issues. It’s a team that I would highly recommend and as a company they are heading in a right direction.”

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