Garden Flat
Nassington Road NW3

Welcoming Garden in Hampstead

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The Nassington Road Garden Flat NW3 project marked our first collaboration with Tessa Crichton-Miller (Tessa Crichton-Miller Garden Design) and Vlad Chirila (Green Dream Garden Design). Our mutual goal was to transform the garden into a more inviting space. Central to this vision was the integration of a rotating garden pod. The garden was designed to prioritise a scenic view from the pod. The client required elements like fencing, watering butt and plant pots to remain intact. Acacia Gardens undertook a significant garden clearance along with hard and soft landscaping to realise the plans.

Garden Flat Nassington Road Key Features

Indian sandstone patio and landscaping in Hampstead NW3

Hard Landscaping

After clearing buried rubble beneath the soil left by the previous owners, we could embark on the garden build. For the hard landscaping, our primary focus was on creating distinct levels, a sandstone patio, a retaining wall and steps. The wall and pod area featured shingle cladding, adorning the garden’s stepping stones. Sandstone was the material of choice for a cohesive design, with only the lawn edge featuring a refined brown metal finish. The culmination of this venture was constructing a circular concrete base for the client’s rotating pod.

Retaining walls and garden landscaping in North London

Soft Landscaping

The garden designer meticulously planned the soft landscaping, emphasising plants suitable for growth under trees and ensuring year-round appeal. The layout was crafted to enhance views from both the house and the pod. To create an illusion of a more expansive space while maintaining intimacy, larger plants were strategically placed at the garden’s rear, complemented by a diverse array of intriguing plants.

Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

Our completed garden project in Hampstead truly exceeded expectations. The addition of the garden pod and soft landscaping transformed the compact plot. The strategically positioned seating amidst lush plantings and the 360-degree rotating pod ensures optimal privacy, sun exposure and shade. This endeavour was centred on maximising the garden’s appeal throughout the year, offering breath taking views at every turn.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

Garden Flat Nassington Road Details

Client Feedback

“It was a difficult decision to choose Acacia, as a designer, I did not know them well. It turned out to be great. Herman and his team communicated well with me and Tessa. We had to make decisions and he was very accommodating. The finish was at the highest standard and quality of workmanship excellent. We love the garden and use it so often now as I work from home. I would highly recommend Acacia Gardens.”

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