Garden Flat Nassington Road NW3 2TY

Project Description

The Garden Flat in Nassington Road, London NW3 2TY was a garden building project undertaken in conjunction with a Garden Design Company. This was the first garden we built for Tessa Crichton-Miller of Tessa Crichton-Miller Garden Design (SGD Pre-registered) and Vlad Chirila of Green Dream Garden Design.

The finished garden was stunning. Everyone was so pleased with the result and adding a garden pod and soft landscaping made a real difference. The seating surrounded by planting and the pod which rotates 360 degrees will provide privacy, sun or shade and the best views.

Client Brief

The client wanted to create a garden that was more welcoming, and part of the brief was to include a pod. Also, fencing and other items such as a watering butt and plant pots were to remain. Part of the design was to create a view from the garden pod.

Description of Landscape Before the Project Began

The existing garden was simple and an old design which had been built over 15 years ago. The patio area was too small, and the brick wall was falling apart. However, the fencing was in good condition and trees were there to stay.

Challenges Faced

It was a challenging project, considering the access with lots of steps and a large amount of soil and retaining walls involved. As we all know, there is always some ‘unpredictable discoveries’ in landscaping, and this was definitely a worst-case scenario. The previous owners have decided to get all the rubble covered under the soil. There was a lot of hard work double digging up the rubble but it was worth the effort.

Description of Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping was mainly to create the levels, main sandstone patio, retaining wall and steps. The cladding of the wall and area of the pod was in shingle, as were the stepping stones which continued in the garden. The beauty in this design was using only sandstone for everything, and it matched well. Only the lawn edge was completed with a brown metal edge to create an elegant finish. The final part of the hard landscaping project was building the round concrete base for the rotating pod that client had supplied.

Description of Soft Landscaping

Soft landscaping was planned carefully by the garden designer. Main elements were to have plants that would grow under the tree, all year round interest, views from the house and views from the pond. To make the garden look larger and, in the meantime, enclosed larger plants were used towards the back. Also, quite a lot of exciting plants were incorporated into the design.

Materials Selected and Why

To create a warmer, welcome feel, all materials were in light sandy colour. Also, the client had gone for a textured finish with an Indian sandstone patio. There was an abundance of sandstone used for all the main areas including cladding of the wall and pod. Shingle was also used on a number of surfaces to create a consistent look.

Prominent Features

Main features were without a doubt the rotating pod as from there you can enjoy the garden views, planting and of course winter sun. Also, the shapes of flowerbeds created on the garden, stepping stones created an interest. The main patio and cladding wall and steps were the main view from the living room, and the client loved the brighter look.

Summary of Finished Project

This project was all about enjoying the garden all year round. There is a view from the living room, large patio and a rotating pod that can be used whatever the weather. Shapes and planting created a welcome feel. The end result was stunning.

Client Feedback

“It was a difficult decision to choose Acacia, as a designer, I did not know them well. It turned out to be great. Herman and his team communicated well with me and Tessa. We had to make decisions and he was very accommodating. The finish was at the highest standard and quality of workmanship excellent. We love the garden and use it so often now as I work from home. I would highly recommend Acacia Gardens.”

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