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Plant Maintenance and Soil Cultivation

Plant maintenance and soil cultivation

Acacia Gardens can maintain and care for all your garden plants and shrubbery ensuring that the soil they are growing in is kept healthy and free from pests and diseases.  Our plant maintence service is designed to keep your flower beds looking healthy and attractive which often involves removing any weeds and garden debris and make sure your plants have room to grow.  This service is available to both our domestic and corporate clients and can be scheduled around times that suit you.

Typical plant maintenance and soil cultivation tasks

Our plant maintenance team is headed up by Sam Xhafa who has trained in Horticulture and management.  His team of gardeners  have put together a list of typical tasks for garden visits.  This will include weeding and soil turnover to ensure removal of even the deepest weed roots.  Additional environmentally friendly fertiliser will be added if required.  Composting and mulching of waste is also important and we advise all customers to invest in a composter where possible to recycle organic waste.

Hedge cutting, shaping and pruning may be required.  We are happy to also prune and maintain rose bushes and fruit tress if relevant.  The use of insecticide and pesticide spraying where neccessary.  We can also help to eradicate snails and slugs with slug pellet applications around vegetable patches.

Plant maintenance and soil cultivation scheduling

Our schedule of plant maintenance work will normally change over the course of the year, as differing services are required at different times.  We are happy sit down with you and set up a time line of what maintenance should take place through the entire calendar year and will always let you know if any jobs need immediate attention.  We are very flexible in our approach to maintenace agreements, as we understand there will be times when you may want to cut back on sessions during certain times of year.  Contact us here for a quote today.