Hanging Baskets, Potted Plants and Planters

Hanging baskets, potted plants and planters will allow you to add areas of self contained growing space to your garden, whatever it’s size.  We can help utilise all your available growing space by fitting hanging baskets, around your fenced areas.  We are happy to advise on the right size of hanging basket and the best positions for planters and potted plants around your garden.

Acacia Gardens can also can help with hard standing areas where you would like potted plants or flowers, with our range of planters and potted plants.  There are many different sizes and finishes available.   Planters are the perfect way to add colour and plant life to your patio or pathway and can transform built-up areas.

Planting with Hanging Baskets and Planters

Hanging baskets can help brighten up dark corners of your garden and add a splash of colour to your wooden fencing or exterior walls.  The baskets are not heavy and can easily be supported by wooden or concrete fence posts.  Once we have installed your hanging baskets, we line them with sheeting to prevent any compost falling out.  It’s totally up to you what you would like to grow.

Maintenance of hanging baskets could not be easier.  Once we have filled them with compost and completed the planting stages, you need to water them. It is best to water on a daily basis through the summer months and watch them bloom.  The ideal time to begin planting is the beginning of summer around April, as long as there is no frost around.

Many people are now using hanging baskets as mini herb gardens.  They can be positioned close to your kitchen door, for easy access to herbs throughout the growing season.  Some herbs have decorative and coloured leaves, making them not only edible but also an attractive feature on your wall. Planters may also be used as herb gardens too, giving the added advantage of being able to be moved around.  Mini planters can be moved indoors next to a sunny window during the winter months.

Scheduled Hanging Baskets and Planters Service Maintenance

Acacia Gardens offers customers a regular maintenance program for their office plants, hanging baskets, planters and potted plants.  It is open to domestic and corporate clients and can be tailored to suit individual requirements.

We will come by on regular, scheduled visits to your offices or home to feed and maintain your hanging baskets and planters.  We will cut away any dead leaves and re-plant if necessary.  This service is available for gardens and outdoor spaces and indoor planters and potted plants in offices and corporate environments.

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