Planting and Lawn Care

Acacia Gardens are passionate about plants and planting and lawn care as this area of horticulture is one of our core services. We are one of London’s top soft landscaping companies, and offer a wealth of knowledge and experience with planning and implementing planting schemes in urban London gardens.

Planting and Lawn Care for City Gardens

We understand that city gardens can have multiple uses. City gardens often need to incorporate defined areas for recreational space, child-friendly planting and ‘grow your fruit and veg’ areas, and flower beds and shrubbery. Our planting schemes can be devised to accommodate a range of requirements.

We can help create herb gardens and areas of educational interest that will help attract wildlife and devise planting schemes that will keep your garden looking colourful and exciting throughout the seasons.

We welcome clients that require us to visit their gardens regularly. You may be looking for inspiration or have run out of energy to keep up with your garden maintenance. We are happy to work alongside you and do the hard graft.

We can help keep planted areas free of weeds and create new planting areas and flower beds. 

We are happy to advise on the most suitable times and areas of your garden to plant in.

We can also advise on soil quality and if there is a requirement for fertilisers or additives.

All of our planting plans are produced after consultation with the client and will consider your desired level of maintenance.

We also do Turfing and Planting work if required.

Feel free to call us on 020 8800 3866 with your specific requirements.


Planting and Lawn Care for Privacy and Security

If you have a house or flat with a garden in London, you will appreciate how difficult it can be to preserve your privacy as city gardens are often close to each other. To help protect your privacy, we can advise on attractive yet practical, cost-effective options to create a natural looking barrier. We often utilise, shrubs, Hedges, small trees and Bamboo plants which can be strategically positioned and shaped to allow light to pass through, yet still, be able to act as a screen to the outside world.

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Lawn Care Maintenance and Repairs London

An essential element of our grounds maintenance programme is our lawn care and lawn repair service.

Whether you are

  • An individual customer that needs help with your garden lawn.
  • A hotel that needs their lawns looking in tip-top condition all year round.
  • A school or sports ground management team needing their grounds and courts to be maintained and repaired regularly.
  • Or any other organisation that requires high-quality lawn care.

Acacia Gardens can devise and implement a lawn maintenance plan to meet your requirements.

Our Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

We offer a full range of lawn care services to keep your grass areas in perfect condition. Once we have surveyed the areas to be maintained, we will identify any issues and provide you with our recommendations on which lawn care services you will require. In addition to keeping your lawn regularly cut, we offer a feeding, weed and moss eradication, scarifying (thatch removal), aeration, lawn edging, re-seeding, top dressing and a rapid repair service for sports surfaces.

We are also happy to quote you on our re-turfing service. Once we know your requirements we can advise on the most suitable type of turf and cost-effective solution to lay a new lawn.

We have a great deal of experience in using soil supplements and lawn fertilisers to bring your lawn up to scratch. The supplements we use whether sprayed or solid are of the highest quality, environmentally safe and cost effective and sourced from quality horticultural suppliers.


This is the most obvious and essential maintenance task over the Spring and Summer. Mowing keeps your lawn in good health. We can advise on mowing lengths and frequency of cutting.

Killing moss

Moss can be a problem in damp, poorly drained lawns. Spring is a good time to remedy moss problems. We will be able to treat your lawn and undertake a programme of moss removal and scarification.


In mid-spring (often late March to April), we will add fertiliser to your lawn, which will dramatically improve the texture and colour and will help prevent weeds and moss growth.


After moss and weeds have been removed and in areas where grass is growing sparsely, over-seeding may be necessary to keep the lawn lush and free of patchy areas.

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Turfing and Planting London

We offer a turfing service where we can lay soil for a new lawn for you and take care of any turf soil amendments you may require. This can also include border planting and general garden planting.

Alternatively, we can maintain your existing lawn with our lawn care service, which includes moss removal, aeration, scarifying and re-seeding where required.

Turfing and Planting Maintenance

A well maintained lawn can be the center piece of any garden. Lawns can have multiple uses, as space for children to play in, alfresco dining and relaxing.

All too often lawns are neglected but with just a little attention your lawn can be as beautiful as the day it was first laid.

It should be remembered that a lawn is constantly in a state of change, responding to many external influences, such as; the weather, soil conditions, watering, mowing, feeding and other environmental factors.

Turfing and Planting Services

Before we start turfing a lawn, we need to prepare the ground which includes removing weeds, levelling and adding topsoil.  We use an economic top soil that conforms to British Standards BS 3882:2007.  We select the best turf to suit your soil, desired finish and your budget.  Our expert turf layers ensure they achieve the best results with tried and tested techniques.  Newly laid turf must be watered within ½ an hour of installation which we will do for you.

It’s essential that new turf has a good soaking to penetrate the turf and seep into the soil below.  We’ll give you clear instructions on further watering if you wish to continue to do this for yourself.  If you are a business or have a large area which has been turfed, you may require us to do this on your behalf.  Turf takes around four weeks to become established, so needs careful attention until that time.

Once your lawn is established it may require further care which we can provide;

  • Feeding, weed and moss killing fertiliser
  • Seeding and other lawn repairs and replacement
  • Scarifying (Thatch removal), aeration and top dressing

Lawn Maintenance and Planting Services

Lawns will often have borders that require plants to beautify the borders. We can provide you with planting designs and a planting service that considers your budget, planting colour preferences, light and shade and the overall effect you are looking for. If necessary, we will fertilise and improve the soil in your flower beds to ensure that new plants will grow to be healthy and flower as they should.

We are registered with Bali and Which Trusted Traders if you would like to check our references and reviews.

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