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Londoners Love Contemporary Landscaping

Londoners Love Contemporary Landscaping Londoners love Contemporary landscaping, especially city homeowners with small back gardens. Herman Pobrati, the owner of Acacia Gardens, a North London garden company, explains why – “contemporary landscaping designs provide customers with a simple yet striking garden which is low maintenance. Modern garden designs suit all types of properties whether it’s …

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Contemporary Garden Winchmore Hill N21 image

Contemporary Garden Winchmore Hill N21

Contemporary Garden Winchmore Hill N21 Contemporary Garden Winchmore Hill, North London N21. Stunning results and great combination with a modern house. The specification was to create a low-maintenance, contemporary garden that would go well with the newly refurbished home. Considering the restricted access of London properties, 240 tonnes of soil had to be manually dug …

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Garden Design for London

Garden Design for London

The design of your garden can be as important as the design of your home. Careful consideration should be given to any landscaping changes you might want to make in your garden. Whether you are thinking of simply adding a vegetable patch, flower bed or adding a new patio or path, call Acacia Gardens for all of your garden design needs.

Garden Planting Service

Garden Planting Service

We often find people have an idea of how they would like their garden flower beds to look but are sometimes unsure which plants are best suited to achieve the desired look. Acacia Gardens offer private, domestic and commercial customers our indoor and outdoor garden planting schemes. Our planting schemes are available as a stand-alone service or as part of a selection of our garden maintenance and landscaping programmes.

London's Landscaping Specialists

London’s Landscaping Specialists

As one of the top landscaping and garden design companies in London, Acacia Gardens have built up an enviable reputation for producing thoughtful, innovative and attractive garden designs for over 10 years.
Our highly experienced landscaping and garden design team have produced bespoke gardens of all shapes and sizes throughout London. From remodelling large urban gardens to installing new driveways and raised beds, we can help bring your garden ideas to life.

Driveway and Patio Building Service in London

Driveway and Patio Building Service in London

As London’s roads become busier, on street parking space is at a premium on many roads. Many people are even having to search for parking spaces on their own road ! Now is the perfect time to build a new driveway.
Did you know your car is up to 4 times less likely to suffer break-in or damage from passing vehicles parked on an off road driveway?

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