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Acacia Gardens Shortlisted For Pro Landscaper Industry Collaboration Award

Acacia Gardens is pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted for the Industry Collaboration Category in the prestigious Pro Landscaper Business Awards. It demonstrates our collaborative approach to working with garden designers to undertake the construction element of their project.

This award is to highlight where partnerships have succeeded. The judges will be looking at examples of how a partnership has helped Acacia Gardens; whether it’s enabled us to save money, deliver a better service or complete a job, had a major impact on how we work or enhanced our environmental footprint.

Acacia Gardens is an award-winning garden design and build company. We have been in business for over 17 years providing complete garden design and landscaping to residential clients throughout London. We also offer landscape construction services for garden designers, interior designers and building contractors.

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Pro Landscaper Industry Collaboration Award Entry

Our entry for the collaboration award was with Odie Green Garden Design for the English Country Style Garden in Queens Park, London NW8. Odie Green produced a stunning English Country garden design for their clients and required an external garden build company to undertake the work.

We have the expertise and infrastructure to execute the landscaping plans devised by garden designers such as Odie Green. Our team can undertake hard and soft landscaping, from patios to decking, fencing and planting.

As professional landscapers, we offer expert insights and knowledge about which construction materials best fit the project and soil and drainage improvements. However, we are mindful that we are collaborating with the garden designer on such projects, and it is their project and their client, so the final decision rests with them.

The working relationship between ourselves and Odie Green was seamless. It demonstrates that Acacia Gardens is a professional company that can work alongside other garden designers to produce an award-winning garden. It was, therefore, a satisfying project to be involved with for all parties and, ultimately, the client.

Pro Landscaper Industry Collaboration Success

What made the English Country Style Garden a success was the early partnership between the Acacia Gardens team becoming involved in the design process. For example, we suggested the best materials, checked the materials on site, recommended which materials could be dismantled and recycled, and provided advice on the drainage, retaining walls and foundations. Those are all elements that every good designer expects of their landscaper.

We maintained excellent communication with all parties involved and delivered the project on time and within budget. Ultimately, we understand that whoever is involved in a project has to be one team with the same aim and share the same values. At any stage of the project, we know we must be transparent, communicate well and always follow the plans and advice of the designer. Since then, we have completed two more projects for Odie Green, with a third in progress.

For this project, Acacia Gardens won the Pro Landscaper Small Project Big Impact Award 2022 for a sustainable garden. It demonstrates the success of the collaboration with an industry award.

Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

It’s always a joy to create a countryside garden in London. Tranquil garden designs with pretty planting provide the ultimate place for homeowners to relax and unwind. By retaining some of the original garden elements and reusing materials, we felt good in the knowledge that environmentally minded practices were included. Working with Odie Green Garden Design was a pleasure and we always enjoy collaborating with like-minded professionals including garden designers.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

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