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Japanese Knotweed Eradication Specialists

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Acacia Gardens hold PA1-PA6 pesticides certificates. We have extensive experience in the treatment and eradication of invasive species like Japanese Knotweed, and Giant Hogweed. We have previously been commissioned for Japanese Knotweed removal by Thames Water, The Royal Mail and a number of schools around London. Not only do we specialise in Japanese Knotweed removal, but also the eradication of Moss, Mugwort, Rosebay Willowherb, Creeping Thistle, Clover, Common Nettle, Hogweed, Brambles, Broom and Gorse.  We are experienced in using ‘Icade‘ as an approved pesticide for the treatment of Japanese Knot Weed and other dangerously invasive plant species.

Japanese knotweed and invasive plant pesticide treatment London

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After testing the effectiveness of several popular brands of UK approved pesticides. We can confidently recommend Icade as the first step in a Japanese Knotweed control programme.

The standard application is 100ml of Icade per 5 litres of water, applied as a medium/fine spray to well-developed foliage to the point of run off.

Follow up treatment may be required, if there are any signs of re-growth.

Icade has almost no odour, and is able to treat a multitude of invasive plants that are not only unsightly, but can also damage building structures and kill surrounding plant life.

Once applied, Icade is rain fast within an hour, and can also be used to treat Buddleia.

Japanese knotweed and invasive plant removal plan

Timing of application
• Apply between March and the end October.  Weeds should be actively growing
• Do not cut for 7 days after application – allows translocation

Spray quality
• Applied as a medium quality spray
• Use of hydraulic sprayers, (important to achieve good spray coverage of stems and leaves)

Method of application
1. Broadcast treatment water: volume 300-600 L/ha
2. Spot treatment: apply to point of run-off

Areas we can treat using Icade.
• Industrial areas
• Factory sites
• Roadsides
• Motorway embankments
• Cemeteries
• Around domestic properties, groundsmen/greenkeeper sheds