Trellises, Pergolas, Gates

Trellis fencing is a great way to add decorative interest to your garden.  These architectural structures feature a lattice which is formed of interwoven wood, bamboo or metal.  Trellis fencing is ideal for supporting and displaying climbing plants, such as ivy, roses or grapevines.  These also add shade to a sunny garden. Wooden pergolas are another way to provide shade and shelter in your garden.  These are ideal covering a patio or barbecue area.  Wooden pergolas are arched structures with a framework which is often covered in climbing or trailing plants. Garden gates are essential to secure your property and provide you with privacy.  It’s also important to get the design of garden gates right because they can add a decorative element to your garden.

Trellises, pergolas, gates fitted all over London

We can assist with all your requirements for trellis fencing, wooden pergolas and garden gates.

This includes consultation on the correct design for your garden, installing and maintenance if required. We can also advise on planting which will enhance your structures.

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