Stoke Newington Outdoor Room Creation

Vibrant Moroccan Style Garden N16

stoke newington outdoor room landscaping project

Acacia Gardens undertook hard and soft landscaping for the Stoke Newington Outdoor Room in London N16. The client’s vibrant interior design, showcasing a rich dark green living room adorned with golden, nature-patterned wallpaper, spurred a desire to harmonise this aesthetic with the adjacent outdoor space. Having incorporated tiles in previous homes, they envisioned a blend of tiles with textured fencing and rendered walls. Garden designer Roberto Silva proposed a multifaceted approach: tiled walls and floors, raised beds, outdoor mirrors and a water feature. Budgetary adjustments led to adding a slated fence and replacing the water feature with a sculpture. Ultimately, the garden emerged as a year-round haven, radiating vibrancy and elegance.

ProLandscaper ‘Small Project BIG IMPACT’ Awards

We are delighted to announce this Garden project was shortlisted for 2020’s ProLandscaper ‘Small Project BIG IMPACT’ Awards.

Chairs and contrast to landscaping in a london garden

Hard Landscaping

Our hard landscaping work included installing the Moroccan patterned porcelain outdoor tiles. To infuse a Moroccan ambience, tiles were used alongside the slated fence and textured rendered walls. Additionally, the landscape was enhanced with precise details like a subtly finished maintenance hole cover and stainless-steel wires to prevent pigeons from settling on the fence. Other work included painting both slated fences and rendered raised beds in a harmonising shade, ensuring cohesion with the interior.

bird statue stoke newington

Soft Landscaping

The clients keenly appreciated verdant plantings, which prompted Silva to suggest plants like Tree Ferns, Dryopteris and Trachelospermum. To add depth to the space, raised beds, partially adorned with tiles, were incorporated. These enhanced the garden’s dimension and served as a protective measure, ensuring plants remained inaccessible to their anticipated puppy.

Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

I’m immensely proud of our transformation for the Stoke Newington Outdoor Room in London N16. Attention to detail was paramount, with features like a discreetly finished maintenance hole cover and pigeon-deterring stainless steel wires. Personally, I feel it was the soft landscaping that brought the garden to life. Silva’s plant recommendations added lush vibrancy, and the raised beds served an aesthetic and functional purpose. The final result was a testament to our dedication and recognition as the project was shortlisted for the 2020 ProLandscaper ‘Small Project BIG IMPACT’ Awards. This garden embodies our commitment to creating spaces that resonate with elegance and functionality.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

Stoke Newington Outdoor Room Before and after

Before After
Client Feedback

“Genti and his team did excellent work for us. They were very professional, friendly, and open to discussion about the work. We have been through the budgeting a few times and, unfortunately, had to make changes from the initial design to meet our budget. However, the results were stunning, and the garden has come along as we wanted. My father is a builder, and he was very impressed with the quality of the work. We still could not believe this space transformation in just three weeks. Overall, my experience with the team has been great. A 5 star team.”

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