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Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, Acacia Gardens is continuing to help our clients have a lovely garden at this moment more than ever with our online plant order and delivery service in London. We have three options available:

OPTION 1. Order Plants Online

Place an online planting order now by contacting us through email.

Minimum orders £100.

Free delivery in 10 miles radius from our location in Palmers Green, London N13.

Send us an email with a list of plants, your phone number and address and we will email back with a quote and delivery information.

Our usual delivery days are Wednesdays and Fridays (other days can be arranged if required).

OPTION 2. Arrange a Planting Consultation

Helping you find the right plants for your needs from £120.

Virtual consultation and creating a report and a quote with the cost of plants.

This option is ideal advice for adding plants to improve your existing borders for those clients who want to transform their garden themselves, but they need a little bit of help to choose the best plants.

We will create the report and quote and order the plants from our plant nursery and deliver them.

Your order will be placed on your front garden or on the back garden if there is side access.

Our team is following the advice from the Government on social distance and hygiene. No signature will be required, and gloves will be used during the whole process.

On the usual report we include the suitable plants for your garden, how to prepare your border before planting or how to place the plants in your garden, we can guide you on this process too.

To help us and for a smooth consultation, we need to see your garden and is advisable to have some extra information (measurements, aspect, and type of soil). The report will be much more accurate with this information.

OPTION 3. Helping to Design Your Borders

Planting plan for new or existing borders from £300.

If you have new borders or you want to re design the existing ones, we can arrange a phone or video call and talk about it.

We will create a planting plan with a mood board and a quote.

Acer Osakazuki C10
Acer Atropurpureum 80-100cm
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Information To Help You Look After Your New Plants

How often you need to water your garden will depend on a variety of factors, including the climate where you live, the time of year, the amount of rainfall you receive, the type of soil you have, where your plants are located in your garden, and whether your plants are in containers or the ground.

One thing will help us, it is to know if your plants are drought – tolerant or on the other hand they prefer moist soil.

The best way to know when to water your garden, it is checking the soil. Stick your fingers about one inch into the soil, if the soil feels dry, it is time to water, if the soil is still moist, wait until it feels dry.

If you have a flower bed with less than three hours or no sun at all, still there are shrubs and perennials that can grow.

Examples of that would be Hydrangeas, Rhododendrons, Ferns.

Also, pretty flowers like Dicentra, Astrantias and the lovely Anemones.

Compost is rich in nutrients, and it can even make nutrients that are already in the soil more readily available to plants.

Mulch is applied normally during the autumn to the soil’s surface in order to discourage weed growth, insulate the soil, retain moisture in the soil, and reduce erosion.

It will depend of what would you like to plant in your garden.

Autumn is the best time for planting shrubs, soft and fruit trees.

During the winter, if the soil let you plant, Roses can be planted.

Spring and summer will be the best time for planting herbaceous perennials.

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