The Types of London Residential Gardens We Have Built

Acacia Gardens is a London Gardening Company operating in North London and beyond. The types of London Residential Gardens we have built varies depending on the client’s requirements. The key types of London Residential Gardens we provide Garden Designing and Garden Landscaping for tend to be:

Child Friendly Gardens and Family Gardens

child friendly gardens and family gardens image

Many of our customers have young children. Child Friendly Gardens are important especially when public green spaces are not within walking distance. Acacia Gardens can design and build a Family Garden which takes into account the size of the plot, the age of the children and the activities they like to do. Whether you want us to install a soft surface under swings or a mini football pitch, we can help you achieve a wonderful space for your kids to enjoy.

Large Gardens and Country Style Gardens

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Customers lucky enough to have a Large Garden often ask for a Country Style Design. This includes winding paths, rustic garden structures and pretty planting with pops of colour. Country Style Gardens are quite easy to maintain and provide the perfect space for relaxation. Weeping willow trees, rose bushes and a vegetable patch are some of the favourite things our clients request for this type of garden.

Contemporary Gardens

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Young professionals living in London love Contemporary Gardens. Designs often include a composite decking or paved patio area. Built-in seating and a small area for a barbecue is also important. Architectural plants are often requested and easy to maintain planting schemes. Contemporary Gardens are all about clean lines, premium materials and muted colours, although pops of bright colours can also be added if you really want the wow factor.

Small Town Gardens

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Many of our clients are located in the urban areas of London so we are regularly asked to undertake Small Garden Designs and Landscaping. Small Gardens require thoughtful designs to maximise the space. Clients often request low maintenance planting or plants in containers. Privacy is also an important consideration as is security.

Eco Friendly Gardens

eco friendly gardens image

Environmentally Friendly Gardens are becoming popular. We are often asked to use products which are kind to the environment. Enticing bees into the garden is also a consideration as is attracting birds and small wild life. The garden design can incorporate reclaimed materials or reusing paving and timber you already have.

Roof Gardens

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Roof Top Gardens are more prominent as are Balcony Gardens, especially with new builds. Planting in pots and irrigation systems are usually the prime requirements. Shade from the sun and elements is also a consideration if you are designing a Roof Garden. Space for built-in seats is a great idea when creating the perfect garden on top of a building.

Other London Residential Gardens We Can Help With

Above is a list of the main types of London Gardens we undertake work for. We can also provide designs and landscaping for Low Maintenance Gardens, Japanese Style Gardens, Tropical Gardens, Formal Gardens, Pet-Friendly Gardens and more. Take a look at the Acacia Gardens Pinterest Boards for inspirational garden photographs and ideas.

Call Us for More Information on London Residential Gardens

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