Commercial Rooftop Gardens

Commercial rooftop gardens are growing in the capital. London businesses realise the potential of adding an outside space to their premises by utilising the roof. These are popular for urban London offices where space is at a premium and greenery is at a minimum. Acacia Gardens has completed many commercial rooftop gardens in London so please call us if you are considering this worthwhile project.

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Benefits of Commercial Rooftop Gardens

Roof gardens have numerous benefits for offices, bars and restaurants. First of all, this is an additional space which can be transformed and utilised for the benefit of your staff or customers.

Employers can provide office workers with a place to take a break and eat their lunch. Sunshine and natural light are vital for the health of your workers. Taking a break to eat lunch is also an essential part of keeping your workforce content. The roof can also be used as an extra meeting room which would undoubtedly impress potential clients.

Restaurants and bars also benefit from rooftop spaces. You can entertain more customers which results in a higher profit margin. Rooftop gardens are extraordinarily fashionable, and a much talked about place to visit. Even in the winter months with the cover or outdoor heating, this space can be used.

Schools can utilise roof gardens for growing vegetables or as an outside classroom in the summer months. Gyms and health clubs can make this space a place for yoga or exercise bikes.

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Designs for Commercial Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardens can be designed to suit your requirements. For example, office workers would benefit from seating areas to eat their lunch and sensory planting for relaxation. Restaurants and bars require optimum seating arrangements. These uses make shade, cover and heating essential elements to build into the design.

Planting can be contained in raised planters or large pots. Edible plants are great for restaurants while architectural plants are great for adding interest or screening purposes. Irrigation and drainage are essential components to rooftop planting.

Flooring is an essential factor of a roof garden. Composite decking has become popular because of the longevity of the material.  Non-slip and hard wearing surfaces are crucial.

Designing a rooftop garden takes into consideration the movement of building materials from the ground to the roof. Adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow and extreme heat are also reviewed. Safety is also paramount when creating an outdoor space.

If you would like to discuss your commercial rooftop garden requirements, please contact Acacia Gardens today on 020 8800 3866  or click here to contact us.

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