Bespoke Garden Building Design And Construction

Adding Storage And More Space To Your Home

Acacia Gardens specialises in crafting custom garden building designs and executing their construction for residential properties. Whether you need a space for bike storage, a shed, or a home office, we’ve got you covered. With the increasing trend of working from home, garden home offices are in high demand. These outdoor structures serve versatile purposes – be it writing, painting, or tailoring, you can pursue your passion in a tailor-made garden building. We proudly serve North London, North East London, North West London, West London, Central London, Greater London and Hertfordshire.

Designing And Constructing Garden Buildings

Acacia Gardens is poised to transform your vision for a garden building, whether a home office, artist studio, or yoga room. Share your ideas with our design team, and we’ll bring them to life. Our speciality lies in contemporary garden structures made from deeply treated timber, boasting a 25-year warranty. These often employ ground screws, helical screw pile foundations, or light steel frames. We’ll guide you through the technical and material details, ensuring you’re fully informed. Each bespoke building can be tailored with wall and roof windows, patio doors, internal partitions, insulation and utility provisions. We can also build smaller items such as garden kitchens storage, bike storage, bin storage and garden sheds.

The Benefits Of Custom Made Garden Buildings

A garden building offers extra space for diverse family needs and provides a focused environment for those working from home, free from household disturbances. Opting for such a structure is a cost-effective and less stressful alternative to relocating, with the added advantage of being less intrusive during construction. Furthermore, its use can be adapted over time based on evolving needs. We offer site visits, design consultation and construction advice, ensuring your new addition seamlessly integrates with your garden landscape. Essential touches like pathways and lighting will also be discussed.

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