Bespoke Garden Building Design and Construction London

If you require Bespoke Garden Building Design and Construction in London, Acacia Gardens can help. As one of North London’s most respected gardening companies, we provide a comprehensive collection of garden design and landscaping services with bespoke garden building design and construction becoming increasingly popular. As more people discover the convenience and joy of working from home, it is no wonder that a garden home office is becoming desirable. Outdoor buildings have a multitude of uses, whether you want to write a novel, paint a canvas or make a dress, you can in a bespoke garden building designed and built to your specifications.

Bespoke Garden Building Design and Construction

The Acacia Gardens team is ready to take your garden building brief and design a home office, artist studio, yoga room, garden gym or hobby room to your specifications. Let us know what you visualise and how you want to utilise the outside building, and we will make it a reality.

We specialise in contemporary garden buildings constructed from deep treated timber with a twenty-five- year warranty. The construction often includes ground screws, a helical screw pile foundation or light steel frame. We will talk you through the garden buildings’ technical aspects and materials to ensure you have complete peace of mind.

Depending on your brief and requirements, the garden building can include wall windows, roof windows and patio doors. Internal partitions, insulation, electricity and water, can also be incorporated. As each building is bespoke, we can tailor everything to your specifications.

Garden Building Benefits

Adding a garden building has many benefits. It provides an additional room for the family to use in any way they desire. If you work from home, being away from the house is better for concentration because you have less disturbances. Adding an extra room is cheaper and less stressful than moving home. Because the building is away from the house, it is less disruptive during the building process. You can alter the use of the building as your needs change. Garden buildings are cost-effective and quick to build.

If you are considering a garden building, please contact Acacia Buildings to discuss your requirements. We can make a site visit and advise on design and construction. We can recommend landscaping to ensure that the garden building looks ‘at home’ in your overall garden design. A path leading from the house to the garden building and lighting are essential elements to consider. We look forward to discussing your project in more detail.

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