Residential Garden Irrigation Installation London

Acacia Gardens can help with your residential garden irrigation installation if you live in London. We often include watering systems as part of our garden design and build projects. Garden irrigation can help keep your lawn and plant beds perfectly watered. It means that your lawn will look lush, and your flowers will be fabulous all year round. Why not take the hassle out of maintaining your garden and talk to Acacia Gardens about an irrigation system?

Garden Irrigation Benefits

Garden irrigation has multiple benefits. Primarily, it saves the homeowner time and effort. At the flick of a switch, your plants can receive the right amount of water. Thanks to timers and smart controls, you don’t even have to be at home to water your garden. Many of our clients ask for a low maintenance garden design. We always recommend installing a water irrigation system because this is the most effective way a homeowner can save time. If you are a busy professional, parent or senior, you’ll reap the benefits of having a watering system installed. The key benefits of a water irrigation system are:

Herman Pobrati Managing Director Garden Designer

Acacia Gardens recommends a garden irrigation system for any client who wants a low maintenance garden. When watering a garden, you need to know when, how much and how long to water. A professionally installed watering system will help you keep your lawn looking lush and your plants looking fabulous all year round. It’s the best investment you can make for your garden.

Herman Pobrati

Managing Director Acacia Gardens Ltd

Garden Irrigation Installation London

Acacia Gardens can advise clients about an irrigation system that is the best option for their garden. We consider your garden design and the areas that require water (lawn, beds, vegetable plots). We can then advise on the type of irrigation system that suits your garden. Irrigation systems include sprinklers, pop up sprinklers, rotating sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Our team will install the irrigation system and hide the pipes from view. It is vital to consider garden irrigation at the beginning of a garden design project with the planting plan in mind. After we install the irrigation system, we advise clients about the amount of water and frequency. We can set a timer and show you how to work your garden irrigation system. If you are interested in garden irrigation, please contact Acacia Gardens to discuss your requirements.

Garden Watering Systems Frequently Asked Questions

If you want a low maintenance garden, an irrigation system is the best solution. It takes the hard work out of watering your garden. It ensures that your garden receives the right amount of water, is cost-efficient and better for the environment.

If you are having your garden designed by a professional, they should propose an irrigation system. The idea is to hide the irrigation pipes from view, which is easier when re-designing a garden.

Your water irrigation installation team can advise how much water and how long your garden needs watering.

There are different types of irrigation systems. Some are manual, which are the easiest to use. Smart controls may appear more complicated for non-technical people. Ask your irrigation installer to give you a demonstration and to set the system to the right time and water allocation.

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