Artificial Grass Installation London

We are a London based landscape gardening company who supply and install artificial grass. We can help recommend the best fake grass product for your requirements whether it’s for pets, children or you just want your garden to look fabulous. Artificial grass installation is a standard tried and tested process which is adjusted as required for gardens with poor drainage or a steep slope. To give you an idea of what to expect please see the process detailed below. We also offer an additional landscaping service to those clients who want their faux lawn to look more natural. If you require a professional artificial grass installation in London, please contact us for more information.

artificial grass installation london

Artificial Grass Installation Process

  1. Remove all grass, vegetation, weeds and large stones
  2. Even the ground and firm with soil or type 1 stone
  3. Layer with sharp sand and spread over the soil
  4. Install the edging system around the perimeter if required
  5. Suppress weeds with a layer of membrane
  6. Roll out the artificial grass
  7. Trim edges and join where necessary
  8. Fix the edges into the ground if required
  9. Brush kiln sand over the top of the artificial grass
  10. Finish with borders or edgings if required

Artificial Grass Installation with Landscaping

Artificial grass and faux lawns can look stunning if you use quality materials and have them professionally installed.

If you want to create the most natural appearance possible, the trick is to ensure your

We can provide a whole range.

We operate throughout all of London, including; North London, North West London, West London, East London, South East London and South West London.

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