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Tree Pruning and Hedge Management

Tree pruning hedge trimming

Tree pruning and hedge management are both important jobs.  However, they can be a chore which takes a long time to complete and sometimes it seems that just as soon as you’ve finished pruning, it’s time to do it all over again.  Pruning is often one of those chores that may be on your to do list but you keep putting it off.  Why not put it on our list?  That way you can go and do something much more enjoyable!

Tree pruning and hedge management benefits

Tree pruning and hedge management has many benefits.  First of all, it will keep your neighbours happy if you don’t encroach into their boundaries.  You can also improve on the shape of your tree or hedge which can sometimes become a little unruly and unattractive.  Pruning will also aid healthy growth by removing dead, diseased and damaged branches.  It may also be required to ensure that your garden or outside space receives more sunlight.

Tree pruning and hedge management corporate services

Acacia Gardens are fully equipped to deal with corporate and local council tree pruning, hedge cutting and vegetation management contracts. We have a team of dedicated tree surgeons who can ensure roadways and footpath verges are kept clear of overgrowing trees and hedges. We also offer full vegetation management services for utilities clients. Vegetation management involves keeping areas of vegetation around railway tracks and land around electricity and telephone pylons clear of overgrown plants, trees and hedges. We deal with a number of local authorities and private businesses, why not join them?. We offer competitive rates and a fast efficient service. Give our office a call for more information on this service.