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Tree Planting and Tree Maintenance

Tree Planting and Tree Maintenance

Trees can improve our environment whether that’s in our garden, a public place or a work space.  Our tree planting and tree maintenance services ensure that you get the best results and enjoy living close to trees.  It’s important to get the planting right otherwise you can end up with tree roots too close to a house which may damage the structure or a tree which grows extremely tall and blocks out all your natural sun light.  To avoid making any mistakes it is always beneficial to consult an expert and we are here to help.

Tree planting and tree maintenance services in London

We can take care of all your tree planting and tree maintenance from gardens to larger commercial or public spaces.  Our tree planting service includes a planting design which takes into account your requirements.  This will include certain elements such as your budget, proximity to building structures and underground cables, suitable species, growth rates, soil compatibility, safety issues, natural light, shade, etc.

We can source the best specimens to suit your particular requirements. Once these have been planted, they will require a careful programme of feeding and nurturing. We offer a range of services to ensure your tree is kept in pristine condition throughout its long life. Our tree maintenance includes a range of crown management services which will ensure your tree remains looking it’s best. If you’d like to talk to us about your requirements and aspirations for your tree planting schemes we can provide you with a design and price. We can also provide you with a care plan for maintaining existing trees.

Tree planting and tree maintenance contracts

If you represent a local council or private enterprise who require tree management and tree planting services on a corporate level, Acacia Gardens can help. We offer corporate tree maintenance contracts to clients with trees on their land that need regular or periodic maintenance. We can also undertake tree cutting and planting for our corporate clients, often in conjunction with our vegetation management services. Contact us here for more details on how we can help transform your company grounds or recreation area, with a selection of trees and shrubbery.