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Tree Cutting and Root Removal


Acacia Gardens offer a bespoke root removal and tree cutting service in London and within the M25.  This service is aimed at both our residential and corporate clients. We have a highly skilled team of experienced tree surgeons who will be happy to visit you, and advise on the most efficient and cost effective way of removing your tree and its roots.

Tree cutting and root removal  can be required for a number of reasons; There are times when tree removal is neccessary because the tree is dying or may be diseased, or it could have been damaged by weather and has become a danger to the public. You may simply want a tree removed in your garden as it restricts natural light. Whatever your reason, Acacia Gardens can help.  Our qualified team of tree surgeons  are happy to visit you on site. They will survey the tree and surrounding area, to plan the best course of action. After the tree removal our root removal service may be required if the areas under the tree roots are to be used for construction.

Our stump grinding service is also very handy if you have a tree stump in your garden that is rotting or unsightly. We can remove the stump without disturbing the plant growth around it, leaving the tree roots intact.

Commercial tree cutting and root removal services in London

Tree removal can also become neccessary to protect existing buildings from root damage, and often root removal must take place in order to complete building projects. Our commercial tree removal service, is designed to serve the building and construction trade. We are happy to work in conjunction with your own service personnel, and can offer rapid clearance of tree waste from building sites. We have long standing sub-contractor agreements with a number of house building companies and local authorities for our tree cutting services, that stand as a testament to our proffesional, friendly and efficient tree care.

Tree cutting and root removal by Acacia Gardens

Our qualified tree surgeons will assess the site to ensure that the tree can be removed safely with the minimum disruption. We’ll advise on the best method of tree removal, stump removal and root removal depending on the tree, the location, property access and other relevant factors. When we have finished the tree cutting, we will remove all the tree waste from your premises.

After tree cutting, you are left with a stump. If required we can carry out stump grinding. This is a method of removing the stump with the use of a special machine.  On occasion the machine is not suitable, if this is the case  we will carry out manual root removal, or treat the stump to combat re-growth.

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