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Tree Crown Reduction


Trees can be a beautiful addition to your garden but they do need a certain level of maintenance to keep them in a healthy condition.  Sometimes they may need attending to if they are blocking out too much light or perhaps they may be shading your neighbours garden.  In some circumstances there may be dead branches which could cause damage or injury.  To stop your trees becoming a problem, tree crown management is the solution.

Tree crown reduction and thinning

Tree crown reduction depends upon your requirements. There are several different types of cutting we can undertake to achieve different results. Crown lifting is appropriate if a tree needs to be given a more uniform appearance. This is done by removing the lower branches. Other tree crown management services include reducing the crown height and the spread of the tree, whilst retaining the natural shape.  We can also thin a tree, by removing the smaller branches; this allows more light to pass through the tree whilst improving the overall form. Dead wooding may also be necessary to remove any dead branches which may create a risk of falling branches.

Tree crown reduction and management

Sometimes it is difficult to communicate what work your tree requires to bring it back to it’s former glory.  Don’t worry because we are happy to visit you and discuss your requirements. Often to get your tree looking back to its best, a selection of crown reduction techniques will be required. We are specialist tree surgeons and look after trees all over London and inside the M25.

In addition to crown reduction we also offer tree pruning and hedge management services. Learn more about our other tree maintenance services here.