Ten Gardening Tips During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Acacia Gardens has compiled a list of Ten Gardening Tips During The Coronavirus Lockdown to help our customers look after their gardens. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the nation is staying home to save lives. Those lucky to have back gardens can enjoy their outside space. You will now probably have the time to tend to household chores which extend to gardening. We’ve put together Ten Gardening Tips During The Coronavirus Lockdown to help you tackle this task. Ten Gardening Tips Image

Ten Gardening Tips During The Coronavirus Lockdown List

  1. Mend and make do: If you have the necessary DIY skills and tools, you may want to try your hand at mending broken fencing, garden gate locks and wobbly paving slabs.
  2. General garden tidy: Start with a general tidy up of your garden which includes raking up dead leaves, mowing the lawn and making lawn edges neat.
  3. Lawn care: Assess the condition of your lawn. Lawn care may include sowing lawn seeds to improve grass growth, repairing bare patches and removing weeds. Order the necessary lawn improvement and weed killer products online but make sure you are aware of the product ingredients and instructions because some are not environmentally or pet friendly.
  4. Remove weeds: Pull weeds out of the garden borders, vegetable patch and outside planters.
  5. Cut dead foliage back: Look around your garden to identify dead foliage which needs cutting back. Deadhead flowers such as daffodils as well.
  6. Grow veg: With plenty of time on your hands, you may want to start a vegetable patch. Either create a raised bed or grow vegetables in pots. Purchase vegetable seeds online and check the instructions for planting months.
  7. Plant flower bulbs: Add a pop of colour to your garden by planting summer blooming flower bulbs. Plant the bulbs in garden borders, raised beds, hanging baskets or planters.
  8. Patio clean: If you have a paved or decked patio area, it will probably need cleaning. Use a jet power washer if you can, if not a broom and hot soapy water will suffice.
  9. Greenhouse tidy: Sweep out the greenhouse, clean the windows and get busy growing seeds and plants.
  10. Shed clear out: If you are lucky enough to have a garden shed, it is probably full of cobwebs, dust and broken furniture. Take everything out, give it a clean and throw-away anything you no longer need. Put the remaining contents inside and pat yourself on the back.

Think About Your Dream Garden Design During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Once you have finished tidying up your garden, you can sit back and relax. While you are sipping on your homemade lemonade, you have the ideal opportunity to dream about potential Garden Designs. Many of us are realising just how vital private outside space is during the Coronavirus Lockdown. If you have a beautiful garden, you can enjoy the scenery as you read or enjoy an alfresco meal. Those with a basic garden design can start to visualise new ideas to maximise their outside space. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Acacia Gardens is providing a virtual consultation for landscaping, garden design and planting plans. Fill in the form on our contact page telling us which service you are interested in, and we can book in your video call. For garden design and landscaping ideas, please take a look at the Acacia Gardens Pinterest Boards.
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